Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas News

The two part Top Chef finale has been filmed at the Rutherford Hill and Chimney Rock wineries in Napa Valley. We get to see it starting on Wednesday December 2nd. In Part One, we follow the final four to Napa and learn who the 3 finalists are. Then we see the final challenge and the naming of the Top Chef on December 9th in Part Two.

* * * * *

I’m so conflicted about who I want to win. I am pretty clear, though, on who I DON’T want to win. Robin and Eli better have high-tailed it out by then. Jennifer was my early favorite. Sadly, I just don’t think she can pull it off.

Even though I’ve been talking trash about him all season, (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I think Michael will win and I kind of want him to. Why? Last season, particularly, the winner was sooooooooo not the Top Chef of the group and he was so mediocre (Eww) that I guess I’m leaning in the opposite direction of milquetoasty and wishy washy.

* * * * *

I’m dipping my toes into Twitter. Please say hi, if you tweet. Toby, not always a favorite of mine, is actually quite amusing in 140 character bites. He tweets under the name of Toadmeister, which IS what he looks like, so I guess it’s appropriate. I’m not being mean, that's the name HE picked. Anyway, he tweeted a pretty gorgeous picture of Padma getting ready for the finale. Here it is.

* * * * *

Other news:

This Wednesday is an “All-Star” reunion of some popular past Top Chef folks. It will be hosted by former foul-mouthed contestant Fabio. That should be fun, especially since there’s no mention of my unfav being there.We’ll see the lovable Carla and, apparently, she meets up with Casey for the first time since Casey stabbed her in the back. But not my Dale, L just this one.

* * * * *

Nigella makes an appearance on Wednesday, November 11 as a guest judge. The chefs are asked to make breakfast in bed. Ooh! Do they get to serve it to Nigella in her boudoir?


Emily said...

Wow! That's exciting! I love Nigella.

I really can't say who I think will win. I'm not even sure who I want to win. I was rooting for Kevin early on, but I really love both of the brothers' creativity.

I WILL BE ANGRY tonight if Robin doesn't go home.

DebCarol said...

Will be running back and forth like a madman (madwoman?) tonight. H will have Phillies/Yankees on in one room, which I will watch until 10 o'clock and then Top Chef for me from 10 - 11. I do think tonight is the nail in the coffin for Robin, agree with Emily on that. And Sue ~ you are twittering!! I haven't gone there , I do the facebook thing though and am having fun with that . . .

Sue said...

Ain't no one going home tonight. It's a wierd reunion show. Maybe when it';s back on, Robin will have already left. Wouldn't that be great?

I adore Nigella too.

PLEASE let the Phillies win. I can't stand the angst in my house, if they don't.

Join me! I don't facebook, but tweeting is fun as long as I don't send the wrong messages to the wrong places. Direct messages are secret ones... the others apparently aren't. ;-)

Kitty (aka, Shays' Rebel) said...

I hope I’m on the same page now; last night I watched the reunion with Fabio in charge. (He seems to be a natural, plus he’s so cute.) Unfortunately, I didn’t really like this show, except for the parts we got to see that they had edited out. And how come your boyfriend, Hosie, wasn’t there? Too boring, maybe? Also, it reminded me how much Stefan SHOULD HAVE WON!

The worst “gangery” was committed on the second season, when everyone ganged up on Marcel. But, unlike Robin, Marcel was a great chef, and they would not leave him alone, and to his credit, he took it. The drunken brawl when the HUGE Cliff(?) picked him up from sleeping in order to shave his head like the rest of the drunks had done, was inexcusable. Yeah, sure, they may have been drunk and joking, but they could just as easily have hung him over the balcony by his heels and said “aw, shucks, Marcel, we was just funnin’!”

Tom C. said he wanted to send everyone home because they were ALL egging Cliff(?) on.

I love Nigella too, and I find myself comparing her to Giada, and so I hate Giada. Nigella seems so natural in her sexiness, while Giada seems completely contrived.

I think Michael will win, but he just makes me so MAD! "I could have cooked that in 20 minutes.” SO?

Sue said...

Kitty! Hi! I like having a name to go with your fabulous comments.

I will be posting my not happy review of that Dinner Party Top Chef later today.

I adore Nigella, but I don't think Giada compares that badly to her. Nigella is much more lush, but Giada is very lovely too. I never actually thought of this before until your comment, but they share quite a bit. They both come from families of privilege and they've both had great tragedy. Giada lost her brother and Nigella her husband and sister.

I do want to see those guy chefs serving Nigella (and Padma, was that a preview?) breakfast in bed.