Friday, February 27, 2009

I Hope Smug, Self-Assured Tom (That IS Why We Love Him, Though) Is Happy With His Choice Of Hosea As Top Chef

Because I'M not.

I wonder if he caught Hosea on Regis and Kelly this morning. (Actually, it was ANDERSON and Kelly today.) I do understand this was his first (I think) appearance as the winner of Top Chef, but REALLY someone should have told Hosea he was on television. It was a completely charmless performance with a stiff and unsmiling newest Top Chef.

He kept looking down at the dumb pot he was stirring, as if anyone really cared about the actual recipe. The adorable AC gave him every opportunity to tell us some tidbits about his experience and he didn’t take advantage of it. Hosea interacted very poorly even with the ever-perky Kelly, who couldn’t bring him out of his shell. THANK GOODNESS HE KISSED LEAH, or there REALLY would have been nothing to talk about.

Hosea made a perfectly okay chowder*, but he should have been concentrating on connecting, if not with the audience, then at least with the hosts.

Compare that with the ever-charming Fabio on Ellen yesterday. I saw just a little of it, but I heard he wooed his host and audience not just with his good looks, but also his humor and outgoing personality. Quite a contrast to Hosea.

Tom says he has no regrets about picking Hosea, but even he admits that Fabio may be the stand-out star of the season.

* Although it does have a rather baffling method, which calls for making a regular chowder mixture and THEN adding a roux TO the liquid, instead of adding the liquid TO a roux. Since when do you add flour to a chowder? I have seen it very occasionally, but it’s totally unnecessary. Anyway, he was so dreary, I doubt anyone will be making it.

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