Saturday, February 28, 2009

Carla Blew It

And, boy, do I feel for her! Maybe there ARE women SOMEWHERE who have never had an instant of self-doubt. But I certainly understand how, in the moment that she needed to listen to her own inner voice the most, she found herself putting other people’s opinions first, because she felt insecure AND she wanted to be nice…to be accommodating.

The really interesting thing is that it was another woman who brought her down – her sous chef, Casey, who apparently didn’t have those same social strictures in place.

Of course, it was 100% Carla’s fault for listening to her and not sticking to her guns. But, who among us, hasn’t had a similar situation (okay, maybe the stakes weren’t so high) where we backed down, because of pressure?

I wish I knew what Casey was thinking. I didn’t see her season of Top Chef. Perhaps, she was trying to relive her own Top Chef final and push for what SHE would have done? It’s a mystery, but honestly Carla’s reaction isn’t.

It’s what happens when you get close to achieving what you really want to achieve and then you just get scared – plain and simple. You don’t think you deserve what you’re striving for and you sabotage yourself.

Carla also said she wanted to show that she could win Top Chef by being kinder and gentler. I don’t remember, even a moment, where she strayed from that. She never stepped outside her own sweet being.

Stefan was already going to hell, so it wouldn’t have mattered what HE did to win.
The sad thing is that it wouldn’t have taken anything terribly spurious for Carla to win. She just needed to BELIEVE for 2 more days and she could have reigned supreme. But I believe in her and I think someone somewhere will grab her and give her the kind of opportunity she deserves.

In the mean time, click here to vote for Carla for Fan Favorite.

About Stefan: I love the headline of this story: Did the Villain Ever Stand a Chance? And this: “Bravo was not about to let a rogue like Stefan be the face of its franchise.” Tom claims the producers had nothing to do with choosing the winner. I do believe him, but Stefan’s abrasive personality certainly rubbed Tom the wrong way.

That headline also suggests that, because they use the Top Chef so much in promotional situations, Stefan would have been a poor choice because of his foul mouth and wild ways. (Fabio was a pretty expressive curser too.)

I don’t think that attitude is fair to Stefan. When he rushed up to comfort a crying Carla and continued to try to sooth her while they waited for the judges' opinion, THAT said as much about him as an entire season of cursing and all his nonsense.


Emily said...

Wow! Lots of Top Chef coverage today. I'm not sure what to say. I wasn't really pulling for anyone this season. I did feel like Carla deserved it because she had the most soul.

Casey is the devil. ;)

DebCarol said...

I'm really hoping to see Carla again soon. She would be great on her own show .... call it; "Send out the Love!!" Food Network are you paying attention???

Sue said...

Yup, the Top Chef finale certainly raised lots of issues.

Casey IS the devil. NOT kidding.

Great title for a Carla show. Is the Food Network allowed to steal Bravo talent? I wonder if they have to give Bravo the right of first refusal...

Susan said...

I love Top Chef and was hoping that Carla would be the winner. Her only mistake was not cooking her own food. I agree, Food Network should give her a show. Her food was simple, yet sophisticated. I am a Carla fan!

Sue said...

Hi Susan,

Carla was absolutely the most likeable of all of them. I'm assuming she'll win fan favorite on Wednesday night. It will be interesting to see what she does next. Whatever it is, I guess it'll be done with LOVE.

YCT said...

Ariane was my favorite. Also on the top of my list were Jamie and Radhika. The competition became lackluster after Restaurant Wars.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I didn't watch the show, but I can so see what you are saying. There is always moments of self-doubt when you are reaching for our goals. That is so sad about Carla.

Lys said...

I was rooting for Carla and was so disappointed that she lost. And, with Casey's "internet whining" online re: the blame being put on her left me even less of a fan of Casey. Carla definitely should win Fan Favorite...

Sue said...


I liked Ariane and Jamie. But I’m wondering if we were watching the same show for you to put Radhika at the top of your list. She seemed SOOO unhappy to be there, that I was okay when she wasn’t anymore.

Hi Jenn,
Yeah, I guess that’s often what allows people to be really successful. They have to believe in themselves before others will.

Hey Lys,
Casey was so painful. She says now that a lot of stuff was taken out of context and if Carla doesn’t blame her than WE shouldn’t. But Carla wouldn't blame a Mach truck if it ran over her foot, she’s so sweet.

Carla had better win fan favorite, or we’ll know the whole thing was really rigged.