Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free Dr Pepper For All - But We have A Problem

Well, I guess Dr Pepper's offer a free soda upon the release of Guns 'N Roses new cd, Chinese Democracy, is going the way of, well, Chinese democracy. It was too good to be true.

To get the free soda, you need to get a coupon from , available today only, and a 20 oz. Dr Pepper is yours. I've been clicking away for hours to no avail. I'll be mad at the doctor if he doesn't extend the deadline.


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

mmm, thats a good deal and I wish you get one... Shall try for my share :)

Anonymous said...

The Dr. Pepper giveaway was extended! Did you get yours??

PS. You’ve been tagged! Come on over if you want to play.

I can't figure out how to put the link in....forgive me!

Toni said...

Good luck with that, Ramya. Not such a good deal, it seems. :|

I failed to notice the part of the original article where it said you had to apply on Doc P's website ON THE DAY the album was released, so I missed it. But, from Sue's account, it looks like all my efforts on Sunday would have been wasted, anyway. :(

Did you ever manage to get your voucher, Sue? Or was it all just a waste of time and source of frustration?


Sue said...

Hi Guys,

It was all for naught. I never got my voucher.