Monday, November 3, 2008

Free Dr Pepper For All

I've always believed that Dr Pepper cures all and I am delighted to report that the fine Dr Pepper company will be honoring a sacred pledge.

They never believed that Guns ‘N Roses would bring out their new Chinese Democracy album in 2008. I have absolutely no clue what the two have to do with each other and why the soft drink manufacturer even cares what Axl Rose and his friends do. Did they sponsor a past tour, perhaps?

Anyway, the company promised the entire population of the United States a free Dr Pepper if this album is released in 2008.

It looks like that will come to pass - on November 23rd to be exact. And even if it's not that date, we still have another 5 1/2 weeks until the end of the year for our dream of a free soda to be realized.

(Aren't new albums usually released on a Tuesday? November 23rd is a Sunday. Should that raise any alarm bells?)

Let’s assume the best and all we have to do, on whatever day it's actually released (as long it’s still in 2008), is to log on to Dr Pepper to get a coupon for a free 20-ounce soda. The coupons will be available starting at 12:01am Eastern Time for a 24 hour period.

THAT'S the kind of good news we need in times like this.


Anonymous said...

It's a Sunday release b/c it's exclusively available at Best Buy.

Sue said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous, for clearing that up. Will you be taking them up on their free soda?