Wednesday, May 21, 2008

O Emeril, Emeril! Wherefore Art Thou Emeril?*

It’s official. The Food Network's connection to Emeril Live will be confined only to afternoon repeats.

Fine Living (shown in a little more than half the Food Network’s 90 million homes) has picked it up. Starting July 7th, they will show a new Emeril Live every Monday night with repeats the other six nights, after an initial premiere week of five original episodes. It will be shown in the same time block as his corporate boss Martha Stewart’s show every weekday evening.

The big news here is that this prolongs the life of Emeril Live and leaves open the possibility of future seasons. The Scripps Network does own both the Food Network AND Fine Living. I guess they felt that Emeril's high profile would be of more benefit to Fine Living.

Good luck to everyone’s favorite Cajun chef.

*Yes, I know that doesn't really mean "Where are you Emeril?" but I couldn't resist the poetic sounding title...


Yvo said...

I was never a big fan of his, but it's an interesting move by FN anyway.

Emiline said...

Poor poor Emeril.

What am I talking about?! He's filthy rich.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

I love him. He's a good guy, and I've learned a lot from him, mostly how to cook...sequentially.
Go figure.

Sue said...

Hi Yvo,
I never really liked Emeril's recipes, but I like HIM.

Now, now Em,
Hey! Two Em's...Emeril and Emiline...sitting in a tree.

Hi CW,
Yeah, he is a good guy.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

You know what really bugs me? All of the good FN shows are migrating to Fine Living, which only perpetuates the myth that I want so badly to dispel - that good cooking is all about elitism and snobbery and that "normal" people ony want to eat Rachael Ray crap or that normal people can only cook Rachael Ray crap. It's so frustrating! I never watch Fine Living because I am so totally not a fine living person. I'm an average shlub who likes to cook.

Sue said...

Hey S(d)OC,

You're not giving yourself enough credit. You ARE worthy enough to watch the Fine Living Network. But you're right about who they're trying to appeal to. Remember when FL first came on the air, they had these promos of amazing swimming pools and kitchens? It looked like the channel you get in hotels that tells you about all the highclass resorts in their chain.

It is annoying that they definitely stick the "fancier" shows on FL and leave the broader interest ones (Nascar food, perhaps) on the Food Network.