Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Endings

No, I’m not talking about dessert, although I did have a couple of good ones this weekend. I’m talking about those all too few moments in life when we can savor a loved one’s achievements.

Our second and last child graduated from college on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and a wonderful weekend. His sister from faraway was there, plus his grandfather. We had celebratory dinners with the best of friends - A and G, and some special young friends. It was a good sign that we ran out of toasts by the end of the weekend.

I thought I would be reliving his past (and mine)…kindergarten plays, middle and high school sports stuff and high school graduation. I’m not sure why, but my mind was firmly focused on the future – what he’ll do in his life, where he'll live and all he’ll see.

While the path was smooth and steady (well, MOSTLY), the end of his formal schooling was particularly satisfying. He's a really nice kid, who always knew what he wanted to do, which I realize is rare and many times not even practical.

He wants to be a sports broadcaster and he actually got a job doing exactly that. Okay, it’s far away and for a small team, but he’s doing it. And what more can a parent ask?

Oh yeah, phone calls home…lots of them.


Yvo said...

Aww, that's sweet. Congratulations to him!

Emiline said...

Congrats to your son! That's great that he got his dream job.

Congrats to you (and your husband), for raising him so well.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

congratulations on a tremendous event. Our youngest (of 4) will start the nursing program at her college next year...and we have two (!) weddings this summer/fall for our two eldest...
you know what? I agree, no looking back at the poignant times, but looking forward to see how they bloom!

Cynthia said...

Hearty congratulations to your loved one! He is so fortunate to have landed a job doing exactly what he wants to do - much more success to come!

Sue said...

Thanks, Yvo and Em. I'm lucky to have such a good kid.

Catherine, that's a lot of celebrating in such a short time! I'm guessing you can't wear the same thing at each wedding...

Hey Cyn,
Thank you! We're always lucky to be able to do what we love.