Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Buddy Bakes A Tower Of A Building AND Of Magazines, Plus He “Closes” That Bell

Cake Boss with Buddy Valastro

Magazines, a Mega Screen & Maurizio

Buddy has a couple of huge cakes to make this week. Has he EVER made a cake that flopped? And, except for Bridezilla, was there ever a customer who was unhappy with a cake from the Cake Boss? I don’t think so.

This week Grace takes a call and passes it on to Buddy. Silvia Davi from the NASDAQ wants Buddy to make a ten year anniversary cake for the NASDAQ building in Times Square. Buddy tells us that it has one of the largest megatron screens in the world.

BTW, the only information I could find on MEGATRON was as an action figure. I’m wondering whether Buddy was playing with the kids and had Transformers on the brain. Obviously, he’s tawking about the giant screen in front of the building. Whether it’s a megatron or not, I have no idea, but it IS a really big deal.

Nasdaq had invested an enormous amount in the sign, which will be the largest LED -- light-emitting diode -- in the world and the largest single sign of any kind in Times Square. Produced by Saco Smart Vision of Montreal, it will consist of 8,400 LED panels and cost about $25 million. The panels will allow a single image, or a multitude of images, to move across the sign's surface. The rent for the sign will be more than $2 million a year.

Silvia tells Buddy that she wants the cake to look exactly like the building AND she wants it to light up. Ah, that’s a piece of cake for Buddy….pun intended.

Remember when he had a fire eater light up a cake? Lights are easy.

Oh, wait a second, the NASDAQ lady also wants him to recreate the excitement of Times Square. If the singing cowboy in his underwear isn’t on that cake, I’ll be mad.

Nothing says Times Square to me more than a grown man in his tightie whities singing for his supper and hugging (ew) all the tourists.

Then, just to sweeten the deal, Silvia asks him if would ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ. Now THAT’S cool.

Buddy tells the crew about “closing the bell”. Frankie wants to know if Buddy heard them correctly. Remi says maybe they meant he was going to ring the dinner bell in the kitchen. At least he’d get a free meal.

Buddy tells them to drop dead. Buddy says he going to make “all youse” eat their words, when they see him ringing the bell. He actually says closing the bell again, but I understand what he means. (I wonder if the final scene of the episode will be Buddy ringing the bell or the guys eating their words.)

We see the plan for the tower and the building AND the street. Let’s see if he includes the naked cowboy. Ok…streets. Check. Hot dog stand. Check. People walking around. Check. The underweared cowboy. Not check. (Did you know that he wears TWO pairs of tightie whities? I guess to protect himself as well as us.)

Buddy’s worried about lighting up the NASDAQ tower.

Buddy calls over Sunshine to do the sculpting of the small elements. He’s going to make a vanilla cake with chaw-co-lot fudge filling. They stack the cake which makes the rounds of the tower go up, up and up.

Next Buddy goes to the Hearst Corporation building to see Gayle and Susan Casey. They want a cake for O Magazine’s 10th anniversary. He brings them lots of cupcakes to taste. They’re having 10 different people make birthday cakes. (Wasn’t HIS the one on the anniversary show at Radio City?) Gayle says she wants the cake to be so pretty that when you see a picture of it in the magazine, you just want to lick it. His idea is to do 35 or 40 issues of the magazine made out of cake, stacked on top of each other.

Back at the shop, Cousin Ant-Knee is complaining that there are too many deliveries. He repeatedly says “I’m feeling overwhelmed.” I guess that’s the line the producers gave him to say.

PLUS he says he could do more. He wants to BAKE! Buddy looks at him sideways as if he wants to whack him.

Buddy says he has to prove himself before he’ll share his father’s recipes with him. Ant-Knee says he can do it. Buddy admits he’s a hard worker, so he’ll give him a shot. But Buddy’s worried about who will do the deliveries. Someone suggests Maurizio, “Peewee”, his wife’s brother, his brother in law. How come we haven’t seen him before? He works part-time at the bakery cleaning up.

Back to the O cake, they print the front covers of the magazines in edible icing. It looks so cool. It actually looks like the actual magazines, but in CAKE!

They’re finishing up the HUGE NASDAQ cake, it looks so big that it’s almost true to size. He comes up with a plan for the “megatron” with “Disco” Luster dust. Buddy is excited.

Buddy gives Maurizio a test to see if he’s able to deliver his cakes. He makes him drive in the alley through a bunch of cones. Next Maurizio has to touch a cone with the (large) car, WITHOUT knocking off an egg which is balancing on top of the cone. He does it! And the test cake in the trunk was okay too. Buddy slaps him (hard) in congratulations.

They go back to the millions of details on the NASDAQ cake. Buddy aims strobe lights at the cake to make the luster dust glitter. He arranges them JUST right and it looks amazing.

Buddy stacks all the O magazine cakes. It looks amazing and on the bottom he puts a cake replica of the first magazine they ever published. They have to bring the cake to be photographed for the magazine. Rachel and Celia from O magazine LOVE it. They want Buddy in the picture too.

Buddy says the NASDAQ cake really has to have a Times Square feel. He doesn’t want to see the wires on the strobe lights, so he makes (cake) billboards to cover then up.

They deliver it to the NASDAQ building and guess what? The cake doesn’t fit through the front door of the building! Of course, it doesn’t. Buddy yells, “It don’t fit through the front door!” What will Buddy do?!!! Commercial, of course.

Meanwhile there’s a huge crowd gathered around outside. Buddy and the boys take the cake around the corner to another entrance, which “luckily” had a Buddy-sized-cake doorway.

He shows the NASDAQ people the cake with the strobes. Everyone is thrilled. He meets Silvia and she asks him if he’s ready. Buddy says he’s so excited to be closing the bell. Silvia doesn’t correct him, except she says immediately, “You’re going to close the MARKET.” Buddy says, “Yeah, I’m going to close the market. They don’t believe me,” pointing to his friends.

He sends his guys outside to watch. On the huge building we see Silvia introducing “Cake Artist” Buddy Valastro to officially ring the NASDAQ closing bell. Buddy says, “I’m just a baker from New Joisey and here I am closing the biggest market in the world” The we see something on the closed captioning about the American Dream and he says (to us) that he kept thinking of his dad watching him from above. They count down and he “closed that bell”.

The last scene ISN’T Buddy making the guys eat crow, but the entire crew admiring the spread about their cake in O magazine. Buddy did it again with lots of help. That’s what it’s about – family and cake and the American dream.


Ciao Chow Linda said...

I know these scenarios sometimes seem a little too set-up, but I still love watching this show. You can't deny he knows how to create an impressive cake. That Marie Antoinette cake was really gorgeous.

Sue said...

I SO agree with you, Linda. At the end of the day, we're left with unbelievable masterpieces, no matter how many prearranged shenanigans have taken place.