Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cake Boss – Buddy Deals With A Bridezilla And Is There A Little Misogynist In The Making?

I have a hard time believing that THIS episode was real. Tables being overturned in restaurants or emotional conversations held with the latest tunes somehow always in the background or even offers of illicit activity in public bathrooms…all of that I can believe. But this week, things SO out of the ordinary happen in Buddy’s bakery, that it's hard to believe they’re for real.

A mother comes in with her bride-to-be daughter. Buddy says he deals with 30 to 40 (really?!!) brides a week. This bride is already unhappy and couldn’t agree on “nothin” (that’s Buddy) with her mother.

Buddy keeps steering them back to discussing the cake. Mom wants a white cake; daughter wants a black cake…like a funeral. Buddy is business-like and says he can do 4 tiers with draping and calla lilies. They fight about everything. Finally Buddy says, “I’m going to make you a cake youse both are gonna love.” AND he even manages to come up with, “It was a pleasure.”
He gets to work on the cake and he’s loving it as it comes together.

It’s all set to go and it's safely in the walk-in fridge, and…Unbelievable Moment Number One: The bride arrives at the bakery…THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING…to take a look. What bride has time do THAT? It’s just totally unlikely.

She mounts the steps to the inner sanctum. Buddy proudly brings out the cake and…Unbelievable Moment Number Two: The bride says, “It’s really ugly.” I just don’t buy it.

Then Buddy conveniently walks away to confer with his cronies and…Unbelievable Moment Number Three: The bride grabs piping bags of brightly colored icing - that just HAPPEN to be at hand - and starts squeezing huge blobs of it all over the cake.

Buddy comes back and…Unbelievable Moment Number Four: He acts shocked. (But he’s a baker, not Laurence Olivier.)

The bride says she was just giving him an art lesson. In real life, he would have smacked her, or at least broken a knee cap or two. Thank goodness Buddy doesn’t agree to make a new cake, at least at first, when she says she wants one with more color.

Buddy calls the mother, who starts crying, and he agrees to make a new cake because… Unbelievable Moment Number Four: She’s such a good customer. Seriously, no ONE family could possibly buy enough cannoli to be considered THAT good a customer. Whatever.

Other things happen, but nothing rivals the Bridezilla. Joey, who is identified as “a mixer”, asks Buddy about making a cake for a kid’s hospital. Buddy says for kids, “ANYTHING. No problem.”

Later he finds out the cake is for 500 people and they want a 3-D airplane on it, yada yada yada. I just want to see the witch-slayer this girl is marrying.
Stretch comes in to annoy Buddy. Then Stretch and Frankie plot some revenge on Buddy who has yelled at both of them. Stretch gets Buddy to come out to the truck and Frankie is supposed to dump water on him.

His plot is foiled when the guys dump purple water on Stretch instead. Buddy can’t believe Stretch thought HIS people would turn on the boss. Capiche? There’s more charity baking action using lots of modeling chaw-ko-lot.

The next day they have to finish and deliver the Bridezilla cake AND get the charity cake to the event. Buddy had baked and partially decorated an entirely new and different wedding cake the day before. The team finishes it off. They all love it. Buddy delivers it personally. Mom “Suellen” sees it (while in curlers) and ADORES it. She apologizes to Buddy again and hopes he’s okay after what her daughter did.

They put us in suspense about how the bride is going to react and go to a commercial. Allison (the bride) glances at the cake from her makeup chair, says it’s fine and refuses to come out and give Buddy any satisfaction. Should I even note Unbelievable Moment Number Five: What bride gets her makeup done 5 feet from where the cake is going to be?

She is really a complete total byatch. And THAT was the total payoff? Maybe it WAS real. If they had made it up, it would have been more dramatic.

Buddy and Mauro deliver the 3-D plane cake to the kids’ hospital benefit to a huge cheering and applauding crowd. They stay to serve it.

The episode ends with Buddy going home. Oh good, we get to see his kids AND his wife. The little kids come running down the stairs to see Daddy. Wifey is there to make pasta for Buddy. She looks like a teenager.

Ok, THIS is bad! They’re eating dinner and his daughter says,”Daddy makes cakes.” And then the little boy says, “And Mommy does nothing.”

Excuuuuuuuse me? No kid says that unless he hears it from someone else. Is there a misogynist in the house? This is almost as worrying as that entitled harpie of a bride. Buddy, you better take those kids aside and ‘xplain to them that Mama tends to the nest, so you can keep your baking dreams alive.


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

What an obnoxious kid! Although it's worse that Dad didn't speak up for Mom.

I do have to wonder if the "cake decorating" moment wasn't at least encouraged by the producers, if not staged. I certainly believe that the "Bridezillas" TV show is edited to make the women involved seem as horrible as possible. I never got the overblown wedding cake thing anway. When I got married my first priority was one that TASTED good.

Sue said...

Good point! I'm HOPING that Buddy whacked (not permanently whacked, just lightly whacked) the kid when the cameras were off.

Going wild with the piping bags HAD to have been staged, don't you think? There were just too many unlikely things about the whole situation.

YES! about a wedding cake tasting good!

Allison said...

A lot of what I see on this show is over- the-top, poor acting. The scenes with bridezilla appeared staged and unrealistic. It's too bad these producers feel that contrived, negative drama is necessary.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of it, but I am a cake decorator and if a customer stopped by to see their cake I would show it to them and their would be piping bags laying around everywhere with icing in them because I have to use them and I need them right there where I can reach them. Although I couldn't believe he made her another cake. If that had been me there would have been a totally different reaction and it would have ended with someone going to jail (probably me for beating the daylights out of her).

Anonymous said...

I believe it!!! I just to own a bridal shop, and we have had some crazy brides. One week before the bride's wedding, she came in and wanted to see the bridesmaid dresses. One of her bridesmaids tried on the dresses, and came out. The bride started to cry and say that she hated the dresses. She took out a pair of scissors and started to cut the bottom, and decided she wanted them tea length.

I believe that this bride is real. Alot of them are just crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

consider this... an anti-bride 'ruined' a styrofoam cake she never ordered for the sake of entertainment and to make the show successful out of respect for someone she felt bad saying no to. note that reality is plotted and edited bigtime before it airs. come on people, was the jail stripe twinset not a dead giveaway that the drama was totally staged and purely for fun.

Cheryl Lynne said...

I also believe this bride was real. As many others who have worked with bridezillas - such as those who wrote their own comments on your blog - it is hard to believe that there are people like that out there. I believe the bride was just pissed at her mom and taking it out on her and everyone else, since she didn't get her "desert" wedding. She wanted the cake to represent a funeral. She must have been THAT pissed at her mother, that she acted out. It's such a shame that there are people in the world who act so horribly.

Stacy said...

I must say I believe it too.

I am head decorator at a bakery, and I have had brides come in the day before the wedding to check out their cake. Luckily they were all thrilled at their cakes. If I were to let them in where I have the cakes, there would indeed be decorating bags filled with icing out and about where they would be able to reach them, because I generally need them for other cakes I work with.

I would hazard a guess that the producers simply had people sign a paper when they first come in the bakery saying that they understand that they may be put on television and have no right to sue TLC or whoever else for anything that might appear. I doubt the film crew discouraged the decorating, but I would say they probably did not encourage it either.

Now, that bride was simply a spoiled little brat who has always gotten everything she wanted from her mother and everyone else. if she does not get her way right away she throws a tantrum until she gets what she wants. the cake 'decorating' thing was her throwing a tantrum, and it did get her what she wanted in the end.

I find it funny (not like, haha funny, but that other sort) that her mother is paying for her wedding and her cake and everything else, and that girl is like 'it's the death of my parents' control over me'.

Anyway, thought I'd throw my two cents in...

Jason Wysokowski said...

well, I did a little Googling and it appears that Bridezilla (a.k.a Alison Freeman or Creskill) is the daughter of Suellen Freeman. Who apparently recently hosted Buddy for a hospital fundraiser. So it seems there is more to their relationship than just making a cake.

Also, if you listen closely to the part where Buddy delivers the cake it appears Suellen thanks buddy for understanding about her "con..." and then she catches herself. As if she was about to say "condition". Leading me to think this little spoiled B*TCH might have been off her meds around wedding time.

Just a thought.

Gabi said...

Ok. I just saw this part of this episode and I was shocked. What a brat! The look on her face was kind of scary...

Christine said...

I totally believe it was real. While I've never worked in a bakery/florists shop/dress shop, I've been shopping with enough brides-to-be that I've seen other customers go absolutely insane. I've seen brides knock down their cakes, cut up dresses, tear up flowers, everything. Weddings are stressful, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if this bride had a mental illness as well.

Christine said...

I totally believe it was real. While I've never worked in a bakery/florists shop/dress shop, I've been shopping with enough brides-to-be that I've seen other customers go absolutely insane. I've seen brides knock down their cakes, cut up dresses, tear up flowers, everything. Weddings are stressful, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if this bride had a mental illness as well.

Catch said...

Little kids always tell the truth it seems to me that the little kid just said it in an "mommy doesn't go to work" sort of way. I sure that there is no misogynist in the making.

Monique Matchee said...

Honestly, I sympathize for this bride: she didn’t even want to get married and here buddy is, saying that he’s gonna make a cake they both like. No. The bride and groom should be number one priority for liking the cake, it’s their special day and NOT the mother’s second chance at a wedding..