Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michael Chiarello Sent Me A Little Note This Morning

He was reminding me to watch Top Chef Masters tonight. (NONE of the other million people that got the same note could possibly love him as much as I do.) Don't you think that means that he made it through to the next round? I’m going with that.

I rooted around the Top Chef Masters website to see if there were any clues. Remember when Top Chef posted an interview with the winner of season 2, Ilan Hall, BEFORE the winner was announced? And last season, The Food Network posted the exit interviews with the losers and the winner moment of TNFNS hours before the show aired.

All I learned from my sneaky web browsing was that I could win $10,000 by identifying Gael Greene as the person who had had an affair with Elvis. Then there was a picture of Anita Lo and a story about picnics. I don’t see her as a particularly picnicy type of person. Oh, that picnic story had absolutely nothing to do with Anita. What’s up with that? My mistake...Anita’s picture was ABOVE the link. Whatever.

So no hints or clues to tonight’s outcome, but I’m betting (, where are you when I need you?) that Michael is okay.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I thought of you when Michael started following me on Twitter! Very exciting times. :)

Sue said...

REALLY! Congrats to the max! That is thrilling. You have arrived...not that you didn't know that before.

Adam said...

I haven't been watching the show (no TV) but I'll agree that Michael is a cool cat. He's totally underrated with his style, and he just seems like super nice guy. I'd be excited too if I was you :)

ChubbyChineseGirl said...

Love the show and i love Michael, he is hot! and a great chef of course. I was sad to see his show as no longer on the food network, but looking fwd to my next trip to napa so i could taste his food.

btw will u be going to fishtail on monday?