Friday, May 8, 2009

A Car, A Bike And A Top Chef Judge Don’t Mix

Some folks, including me, didn’t particularly appreciate Toby Young’s stint as a judge on Top Chef, although he did get it right about the final winner. He wanted Stefan – unlikeable, but the more qualified of the final two – and not mamby-pamby Hosea, whose name I actually almost forgot.

Anyway, Toby was riding his bike at 12:30 at night in London and he had a close encounter with a car that left very clear damage on his glabrous pate…otherwise known as his bald head. The driver stayed at the scene and gave Toby his phone number.

Toby posted pictures of the hideous outcome on
Twitter. Ugh. And wrote about it on his Bravo blog. Two interesting points – Toby realizes NOW that he should have been wearing a helmet AND the driver gave him a fake phone number. Maybe he was a Hosea fan…


DebCarol said...

Yikes, I'd say if Ted Allen were involved that Toby got "Chopped"!

Sue said...

Hey DC,
Funny! :-D

Tracy said...

I'll like him a lot better if he becomes the poster child for wearing bike helmets.

Sue said...

Hi Tracy,
I'm not sure that would do it for me, although he certainly should give it a try.