Thursday, May 7, 2009

The President And The Rach

As Bill Clinton was saying to Rachael Ray this morning…Wait a minute! How absurd does that sound?!!

After heavily promoting the former President’s appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, they start today's show with an inane and time-wasting “It’s All Relative” game. The contestants, picked from the audience, seemed to have no clue what they were doing there and it was all a bit pointless. I get that you don’t bring out the big guns at the beginning, but Rach didn’t even mention that BC was going to be on.

Then I thought maybe this game was a joke and the two playing would turn out to be Bill’s cousins or something. Nah, it turned out to be an introduction for Matthew Rhys from Brothers and Sisters. Funny, the minute he comes out, RR pushes the two civilians out of the way. He’s cute, but it’s almost 10:30 and still no Bill.

We see the stories of 2 moms doing great things for childhood fitness working with Clinton’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Finally, Bill comes strolling out at 10:41, looking a bit pale…from all the waiting, maybe. He says he’s going to use Mother’s Day on his facebook page to promote child health.

As Clinton is talking, Rachael takes out these huge orange paddles and turns over some skinned “figure friendly” chicken on the grill.

I do find her food awful, but, at least, it doesn’t come from packets. You can’t argue with the fact that she’s raised a lot of money for good causes, which makes her alliance with Dunkin’ Donuts all the more incomprehensible. Obviously, folks have the right to buy donuts (I wouldn’t call these "doughnuts"), but no one can argue that they have anything to do with a healthy diet.

Clinton tells us how hunger and childhood obesity go hand in hand. Interesting. It might have something to do with all the Dunkin’ Donuts that people are having for breakfast.

It was kinda rude at the end. Bill and Rachael served the 2 moms what she had cooked and Bill didn’t get any. On second thought, that was probably for the best.


Emily said...

Why in the world did they wait so long to bring him out? Crazy. And I think chicken is too boring for the president.

DebCarol said...

Sounds like one of RR usual strange and disconnected shows. It sounds like she way underutilized Bill Clinton. Whatever your politics are, he is a very interesting and charismatic individual. A one on one interview with him for the whole hour would have been good - and why not let him cook? Would have been fun to see him grill up some ribs or something.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I don't get what this charitable organziation of hers is supposed to do. I was watching a little of this at the gym when I had some time off in the afternoon. She seems to promote other people's programs and charities, but she doesn't seem to do anything herself other htan have a website filled with a few cooking tips and fattening recipes.

Was she standing on a box or something in the kitchen? She's not that tall and Bill is, yet she came up well past his shoulder.

Sue said...

Beats me! Yeah, she should have done barbecue!

That is true, RR has very disjointed shows. On a given day, a viewer could be testing a self tanner, the next minute RR is pushing food around with giant shovels threatening to set herself on fire with her ridiculous beach towel potholders and her audience is snacking on chocolate marshmallows from Alabama.

Bill certainly could have carried the full hour. Yup, RIBS for Bubba!

Hi Rach,
Beats me what she does exactly, but I do think she does gives money in some form.

I just took another look at Bill's appearance and you're absolutely right! She totally looks as if she's standing on a box. It could be that she was wearing really high heels, though.

The whole thing was so dumb. He could have been curing malaria and AIDS, rather than wasting his time on her show.