Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Padma And Katheee Leee Sex Up The Today Show

Padma was on Today this morning…WITH her clothes on. Hoda and KL asked her about her nude photo shoot. She said she was a model for so many years and had to wear clothes she didn’t like that going without them was fine.

They showed Padma's Carl’s Jr./ Hardees ad...

You know, the one where she’s French-kissing a hamburger.

Now HERE’S something I bet you didn’t notice from that ad. She was wearing her own yellow gold jewelry line.

And she was today as well. Padma showed off a $375 ring and $600 earrings. She tried to make it sound okay by saying that in these hard times, she’d rather spend her money on something real. That’s great, except these days something real is food, shelter and health insurance!

The gals taste her White Sangria. Ooh, you know I love that, except hers has some (ick) star anise. I did like the cut-up mango and kiwi, though.

Padma shows them how to make a lobster salad canapĂ©. She mixes lobster with mayo, chives, parsley and Serrano chilies. (You can use shrimp too.) Padma says if you have lobster as the beginning of the meal, you don’t HAVE to have it as main course(!!!)

Why is Padma being so grossly out of touch with the not-cheap jewelry line and LOBSTER hors d’oeuvres? I’m not even sure what she’s promoting. I suppose it’s her Allure interview and the jewelry, but she’s coming off as really elitist.

Luckily, Hoda saves the day asking about substitutes for the lobster. Padma says you can use white fish or even white beans. THAT would have been the way to go at the start, and then say, if you’re feeling flush, you could use lobster.

Then KL insisted in tasting the lobster the way Padma ate the hamburger.

I won’t be making that anytime soon...


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

The commercial is kind of creepy and so is that photo! I was kind of grossed out in the commercial where Padma has grease dripping off her ankle.

Wow. She does seem rather out of touch. Yeah. I cna think of many things I can spend 300 on instead of lobster and jewelry. I could use a new stove to actually cook my cheap dinners on!

Sheila said...


PS - I don't like star anise in my Sangria either! (But I do like it warm in the winter months...)

Sue said...

Hi Rach,
Oh, gosh, I didn't even notice the grease covered ankle.

You're funny. That's a good point, though. Appliances are always a better value (pound for pound) than lobster.

Hi Sheila,
Interesting...That's kind of a great idea, but what do you do about the fizzy stuff that goes in at the end?

Sheila said...


When we serve it warm, we omit the fizzy stuff. I got the idea from a certain someone's magazine that I shamefully subscribe too... (can we still be friends?)


Sue said...


But, listen, my sangria has wine, cointreau, fruit and 7-up. So basically, if I omitted the 7-up, it would be like mulled wine...but with cointreau, so it IS different I guess. I think that certain someone just liked the name Warm Sangria or Winter Sangria.

I bet you never thought I'd track down every nuance in your innocent remark.

Sheila said...

BUSTED! Can't get anything past you!

This someone's recipe for warm sangria has Rioja, which I love, a frozen fruit mixture of peaches and cherries, and sugar. Then instead of Cointreau, it's Peach Schnapps.

So, is it really even sangria? (It was tasty...)

I think this certain someone calls it "Mmmmm Warm Cherry and Peach Sangria..."

Maybe I'll just stick with the Rioja next time! A few glasses of that and you're feeling pretty toasty! ;-)

DebCarol said...

Yikes .... ladies going wild with food. What would the reaction be if we replaced the gals with some hunky guys slurping and munching down on giant burgers??!!!

Emily said...

Ahahahah! I'm dying! That was hilarious.

I hate that commericial Padma is in. Sorry, but I do. She can do better!

Also, I agree about the star anise. I bet it would overpower the sangria.

Adriana Velez said...

I am so creeped out by the Hardees commercial. Yuck, grease drips from cheap fast food! Shudder.

A word about the lobster, though--I read a few weeks ago that lobster prices are especially low right now. Probably not as low per pound as white fish and beans, of course, but not as astronomical as usual. Of course, if she didn't mention this then she's probably still oblivious and out of touch, so this doesn't really contradict your point.

Sue said...

NOTHING gets by me. (I wish.)

Well, at least, it had real ingredients and it does actually sound good. If Aunt Sandy had been making it, she probably would have added Tang or Kool-Aid.

Hi DC,
I really have to think about what guys would look like doing that.. I guess it would probably be gross…but exactly HOW hunky are these guys?

I guess we don’t have any of those burger places around, because I’ve actually never seen that commercial...except for the 3000 times I've watched it on YouTube...in slow motion.

Hi Adriana,
How are you?!

Greasy dripping hamburgers isn’t MY idea of a good time, but Padma IS pretty superstar gorgeous.

THAT’S a really good point about the lobster. I wish SHE had made it. It would have made her sound a little bit more connected to the riffraff that is her public.