Tuesday, May 27, 2008

White Sangria For One

No, don't feel sorry for me. I wasn't alone on Memorial Day, H had beer. I spent the whole day planting tomatoes and other stuff I had bought, so I didn't actually get to the store until after 4...No fancy menu, except for a few REALLY great things. Please email me for my Honey Mustard Dressing.

I have no idea where I got the recipe, except that I know it isn't mine. It takes 30 seconds to make in the blender and has exactly 4 ingredients. It is the MOST delicious rendition of that dressing that you will EVER have.

I threw that on chicken breasts and then grilled them. Too bad they were basically steamed (not too much gas in the old barbie I guess). Then they got served on hamburger buns with more dressing on top. TOO GOOD!!!

We had my standard peppers and onions - slice one yellow and one red pepper and one red onion. Put them into a LARGE nonstick pan. Coat with 2ish tablespoons of GREAT olive oil, press in a garlic clove or two and sprinkle with kosher salt. Turn on the heat to medium high. Cook, stirring until you feel like stopping. I like it kind of charred, but whatever. This is the only time I don't soften my onions before adding additional ingredients.

I also served tons of bits and pieces that I didn't make. Remember, I got home from the store after 5! Do you really want to know what else?

Gardenburgers, actually Amy's Texas burgers and Baked Beans: Heat one can of your favorite baked beans with a dollop of your favorite barbecue sauce. (This time it was Heinz Vegetarian Baked Beans with the Silver Palate's Smokey Maple Barbecue Sauce.); Store-bought (but at least from the deli counter) cole slaw, just enough to go on the Texas burger; really good Kosher dills; Caesar salad (which of course I did make); and I’m embarrassed to say that wasn’t all – we also had Baked Lay’s; potato salad; relish and corn.

While whirling around the kitchen, I also made a stovetop (I didn’t want to turn on the oven) rice pudding from the newest Joy Of Cooking. (Email me.)

I used organic Jasmine rice and 1% milk (not whole) and it was quite adequate. (I just saw my aunts and after they’ve been fed a 12 course meal that couldn’t have been better, they say “That was adequate.”)

That sounds like a lot of food, it WAS a lot of food, but after the White Sangria hit, I actually wasn’t that hungry. Make this anytime you feel like a refreshing beverage. I made half this amount:

White Sangria

1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 orange and 4 strawberries
3 tbls. triple sec
1 bottle of white wine
12 oz. 7-up, diet or regular (see note)
(Use half as much 7-up as wine, if you're measuring by eye.)

Cut the ends off the lemon, lime and orange. Squeeze the juice from the ends into a pitcher. Slice the fruit thinly. Add to pitcher with triple sec. Pour over wine. Just before serving add the 7-up.

Note: If you prefer not to use 7-up, add seltzer instead, but then you need to add a bit of sugar to the fruit, about a tablespoon.


Lunch Buckets said...

My boy would bathe in honey mustard if he could - email is on it's way :)

Sue said...

Hi lunch buckets,
Let me know how he likes it.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

MMM...Honey mustard.

I think I could drink a gallon of that sangria, I love that kind of stuff.

My memorial day Monday plans ended up cancelled, so I ended up just hanging out around hte barn and doing nothing. Sometimes it feels nice. I had my big party the night before, but no fires were lit to cook it.

Emiline said...

Mmm, white sangria sounds heavenly. I could use a big glass of that, right now.

You did have a lot of food! Everything sounds great. I love rice pudding.
We had baked beans too, along with corn on the cob, BBQ (whole) chicken breasts...and salad. I can't think of what else.

Jen said...

Hi Sue- I read your blog all the time but this is the first time I've left you a comment (and feel a bit guilty about it). I made a white sangria too this weekend...

Hillary said...

While this looks amazing, I think I'm more of a red sangria girl myself. But nice job!

Andie Pandie said...

Oh I too would love the dressing recipe. I have such trouble with this dressing and getting it just right. I've been trying out different versions forever it seems. :)

Sue said...

Hi Shortie,
I don’t why this sangria is so good, but it is.

Your menu sounded fantastic.

Hi Em,
A glass wouldn’t be enough.

Yeah, we did HAVE a lot, but that doesn’t mean that we ATE a lot…aww, who am I fooling?

Hi Jen,
Welcome! Nah, don’t feel guilty…just keep reading.

Hi Hillary,
I also prefer red sangria, but Monday just seemed like a white sangria day. I use basically the same recipe with red wine, but I use a bit more Triple Sec and usually sugar and seltzer, instead of the 7-up.

Hi Andie Pandie,
You should love this recipe.