Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Chef - Spoilsport (That's Me) Alert

Spike wins the Quickfire with excellent butchering and fine meat cooking. He may lose the opportunity to participate in the finale, because, even with the first pick of ingredients, he chooses to use frozen scallops.

The episode progresses. Stephanie's solid. Lisa is less jerky because Dale's not there. Richard is kind of insecure. Spike pisses off the guest judge and Antonia is so calm and self-assured that, to me, she comes off as a bit pompous and patronizing.

What a shame, Spike loses. Ah me importa.


CommonDialog said...

Did you find you cared less with Dale gone and knowing that either Spike or Lisa would be in the Finale?

Sue said...

Hi CD,
OF COURSE! I found I cared not at all.

Actually, if Lisa had been eliminated, I would have been REALLY mad, thinking that all the horrible things the judges said about her were equally true last week and they should have ditched her then.

Did you see Lisa's awful new haircut in the previews? It's worse than Richard's.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the new haircut is awful. They should have kicked her off just for her assumption of that bitchy stance when only her and Spike were left. Take your criticism. It's a contest, somebody has to lose. Deal with it.

I did think it was kind of funny that everybody was ripping on the frozen scallops, and this "super" chef had them in his freezer. Spike was dumb to have said what he did, because obviously he chose them, but the guy's little speech about "if they're delivered, you send them back, change of plans" was kind of hollow, since he obviously hadn't sent them back. Poor Spike, he wins the quickfires and then sucks it up at elimination.

Sue said...

Hi Amy,
All my sympathy is taken up being outraged that Lisa stayed and Dale went. Spike was really dumb for choosing the scallops and then getting into it with the judges.

If you read Tom's blog, (
which has TONS of great cooking advice, he tells us how the frozen scallops got in there and that the guest judge was pretty darn nice for not mentioning on the air that they weren't his.