Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bam!!! Emeril To Guest Judge On Top Chef

Emeril will be the guest judge in the penultimate episode of this season's Top Chef, airing February 18th. That week's challenge will take place in New Orleans and will leave 3 cheftestents* to compete in the next week's finale on February 25th.

*Thanks, DC, for that great word. I did find that it HAS been used before, but I was clueless until YOU used it.


Emily said...

Wow! Really? I didn't realized the finale was so soon. That'll be fun for it to be in New Orleans. Not sure on the whole Emeril-judge thing.

I want to go to Mardi Gras.

DebCarol said...

So .... Emril will be judging. See Ya Leah, So Long Fabio, Adios Carla, Don't let the door hit you on the way out Hosea, Syonara Jeff. I predict Emril will have to ultimately choose between Jamie and Stefan .... and that will be interesting to see.

The show last night was painful to watch. The Junior High stuff between Hosea and Leah was ridiculous. In the entire hour there was maybe 10 minutes of actual cooking. Carla has grown on me, I like her, but her comments about sending the "love" out of the kitchen on her awful desserts was SILLY. And WHY WHY WHY is Leah still there? Emril will make it all clear.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Interesting. Emeril always seems to be nice and Top Chef judges tend to not be nice. Whatever people think of him personally, he knows his food and I think he is more than qualified to judge Top Chef. I'm very intrigued by what he will say to the participants.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Say what you will about Emeril, but I dig the shizznit outta him! He's a very generous man and does tons of charity stuff...
I agree with DebCarol...he'll shuttle dopey little Leah right out the door! I do like Carla too, but cringed when she said all that. Stefan is an odd guy...I think his bluffiness is a defense - I suspect he's really much softer and kind-hearted. He'll win. Those desserts were amazing - did you see those judges perk right up??? Jamie is good, but not that good.

Sue said...

Hey Em,
No, I think the second to last episode is in New Orleans. It'll be interesting to see if Emeril is hardnosed like Tom or sweet and cuddly.

I think you'll do just fine making your own Mardi Gras wherever you are, although it would be awesome to go.

Hi DebCarol,
I fiind myself agreeing with everything you have to say. I'm going to watch closely and see if the final two are as you predict.

And I agree with you about Carla too! She has sooooo grown on me. I kinda liked her love thing. I think she absolutely believed it. Leah MUST go home soon.

Hi Catherine,
Wait a sec! What did I say about Emeril? I love Emeril, although I admit, I've never liked even one of his recipes. But I do like HIM.

I hope you're right about Stefan, but I don't see it. You're right that many people act superior when they are really suffering from low self-esteem, blah, blah, blah, but I think Stefan DOES think he's the greatest.