Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Today Show Covers Radon in Granite Countertops...Finally

Some of us have been worrying about this for weeks. The Today Show just got around to it this morning. The conclusion of their reporting is pretty much what we've learned elsewhere a while ago. SOME granite CAN be high in radon, but most of it probably isn't. The only way to be sure is to get it tested.

They did highlight the dangers IF the granite is emitting high levels of radon or radiation and said that the granite industry is looking into pretesting every piece of granite that’s sold.

My question still is why consumers didn’t know about all of this. The entire time I was shopping for granite, over 5 years ago, I never heard a word about any dangers. I was just thrilled to be getting this gorgeous stone in my house. I absolutely would have had it screened for radon or only bought it from a place that did testing, if I had known there was an issue.

Getting granite with a Permashield type coating (that's the only way Home Depot sells it nowadays) supposedly can protect against radon exposure and resealing your countertops regularly, if they aren't permashielded, also can. But if you're worried, get it tested or test it yourself. The best way, which I didn't do, is to run a simultaneous test in the basement. THAT'S where the most radon probably is in your house and you can compare it to what's coming off your countertops in the kitchen.

So, Today Show, thanks a lot, but you're a little late.


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