Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Not That I Want You To Read Anthony's Bourdain's Blog INSTEAD Of Mine, But He Is So Darn Funny

If anyone can raise our spirits, it's the spirited Anthony Bourdain.

He has a hilarious crude and sometimes cruel take (warning bad language found at this link) on anything involving the Food Network. Sometimes I think he's just mad that he wasn't invited to the table of a lot of the current witless Food Network programming. But he is right on the money about the Food Network awards. I wish I could quote him here, but his language is REALLY dirty, so I won't.

My problem with the awards was that the entire concept was ill-conceived. And it was a shame, because it could have been so great to have had so many Food Network favorites under one roof. Why couldn't they have done a mass cooking demonstration, each person responsible for one dish, or divide them into teams and do an Iron Chef thing? Or have a round table discussion talking about their cooking philosophies...Of course, Sandra Lee would have to be uninvited and after Rachael said BEEF, PORK and VEAL, she'd have nothing to say...

Hopefully, the Food Network has heard and listened to its critics and if they have a big bash at the end of next year's South Beach Food and Wine Festival, it will be of a higher caliber and make more sense to its participants and audience alike.

PS. BTW, Anthony Bourdain posts on journalist Michael Ruhlman's site...

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Chef Talk & Recipes said...

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I met Anthony at a food show at the Javitts Center in NYC, kind of before all his notoriety. Cool Dude, makes one mean Cassoulet. Ate at Les Halles solid Bistro Classics

Chef Chris Albano