Sunday, April 15, 2007

Countdown To The Food Network Awards

Ok, admit it, when you first heard about the Food Network Awards, you thought it would be something like Best Male Host Of A Cooking Show with MC against Bobby and Emeril, for example.

I certainly did, and so I was a bit disappointed to learn that it WASN'T Food Network stars pitted against each other in a vigorous battle of cooking demonstration supremacy. But, rather, categories of things, such as The Best Burger or The Best Cooking Invention Of The Year. These are of note, certainly, but worth an entire evening of viewing?....

That remains to be seen.

I was hoping for something like Best Cleavage In A Female Cooking Host... Nigella is definitely a contender, but the winner would have to be Giada. That was made no clearer than when I was trying to watch her weekend show about Newport. Honestly, I couldn't concentrate on the clam chowder, because I was so worried that it would drip down her formidable bosom.

The Food Network Awards was prerecorded during February's Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, so there are red carpet pictures already on the website. Our favorite foodies look a little scary. Every single person has a full-on HUGE toothy grin, except for the two Hollywood types who know their way around a red carpet. AND I didn't even know who everyone was. Number 2? Number 5? Anyone?

Let's talk after the show...

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