Monday, July 30, 2012

Poor Mama, Poor Buddy

By now, most Cake Boss fans probably know that Buddy’s Mama is battling a terrible disease – ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. I saw the story a few weeks ago. Mary Valastro’s ALS was the subject of Cake Boss’s 5th season finale last week and it’s being repeated tonight at 9:30 EST.

It’s really sad and I guess the whole family is pretty brave for showing it on television. It’s an interesting choice they made. I have no idea if I would have done the same in this situation. The episode is a complete tearjerker. Unfortunately, there really is no silver lining; there will be no happy ending.

Perhaps they thought showing their family’s struggle would help other people going through similar challenges. We do see Buddy and all the sisters and the in-laws coming together to help Mama in whatever ways they can.  

In this episode, Buddy decides to make a really special cake for Mama using a new formula for caramel. He puts together a stunning cake and serves it to the family and Mama on Easter. I couldn’t help thinking, though, that she looked pretty good on Easter, but now it’s months later and I wonder how she’s doing.

TLC is encouraging Cake Boss fans to send messages of support and they’ve given some resource information at Stand By Mama in Her Fight Against ALS.

Buddy certainly doesn’t need me to tell him that good health trumps everything and they all have a very difficult road ahead of them.

My favorite Cake Boss episode with Mama is the one where Buddy secretly makes a dirty cake that completely shocks Mama. And, OF COURSE, she finds out. She’s MAMA!  Read about it here - NO WAY! NO HOW! Mama Should NEVER Be Left Out Of An Episode Of Cake Boss

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