Monday, August 30, 2010

Top Chef Races To The Win

The Emmy's have a new reality show champion. It's Top Chef, winning after four nominations and beating out Amazing Race in its quest to win an 8th consecutive Emmy.

Dan Cutforth, one of the founders of Magical Elves, which produces Top Chef, accepted the Emmy with great surprise. A whole troupe of people joined him onstage, including one poor person who tripped as she was running down the aisle. The good news? She was just getting out of range of the camera, so we only saw the beginning of the trip.

Padma was wearing one of her signature necklaces and looked striking. Tom was still bald and Gail had her hair tucked under in an interesting bun - good for the kitchen.

I would have liked Dan to have explained a few things, though:

How could they get rid of Dale so early

Why Hosea won

Why did they pick Michael over Bryan

And WHY did they vote Kenny off the island

But I did like that he made a point of thanking all the chefs, without whom, of course, there would be no show.


DebCarol said...

Hi Sue! Yes I saw them all up on stage with their Emmy ~ they all looked genuinely suprised and very, very excited. It WAS classy that they gave kudos to the Chefs, I agree. On Padma ~ loved the dress too but I think she could have done something with her hair. The evening was formal ~ her hair was not.

Pam said...

Great news for Top Chef!

Java Joggers said...

I was so happy that they won! And again, I think Padma could use a better stylist all the way around - but I'm sure I'm in the minority :)

Sue said...

Hi DC!
How are things? You know, I think I agree about Padma's hair. It did look messy.

I never understood Amazing Race winning for all those years.

Padma has had some questionable outfits over this season of Top Chef, but I did like her dress last night.

Emily said...

Hahaha I saw the woman fall. I laughed. That's terrible.

Padma was kind of strange acting, I thought. I think maybe she had a few??

WHY did Hosea win Top Chef?

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I thought the ending was a bit weird. It was definitely the judges and producers trying to spice things up. When they lined up the people on the bottom, they were the most complimentary to Kelly, but it seemed like any one of the rest of them could go. I couldn't help but wonder if they were setting us up to see Kelly go down. It was time for Amanda to go, but I had to wonder if her dish was really that weak (since the oxidized tuna, rather than the preparation of it) compared to the others or if they just wanted her off the show already!

Sue said...

Did you see the link I added about what happened? The woman had her shoes unstrapped!!! Not smart. One fell off and the other came off as she tripping down the aisle. She went up o the stage barefoot.

Hi Rach,
Grey tuna is pretty gross and I'm sure the fact that Amanda squeaked by in other weeks contributed to her going home.