Sunday, June 6, 2010

Top Chef Masters – And Then There Were Four; No, Three

Top Chef Masters - Improv

I admit that the only reason I watched Top Chef this week was to make sure that Jonathan didn’t go home. Well, maybe I should have watched my Tivo’ed version of the Housewives instead.

It wasn’t a bad episode and it had decent challenges, except Jonathan got royally screwed when the theme of his Elimination Challenge dish was Depression, Burnt Sienna and Avocado. He acquitted himself admirably, I thought, with Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast, French Fries, Yams & Avocado with Grapefruit - a meal Jonathan thought would get anyone out of a depressed mood.

On to the judging. Susur is told first that he’s through to the finale. His final score is 17. Marcus is next. His scores? 4½, 4½ 4½, plus 4 stars for a total of 17½. Marcus wins. They’re all happy for him. He and Susur are excused to the kitchen.

Oy, this is not good. Jonathan is going home, I feel it.

Commercial. Of course, there is.

I’m not feeling good for Jonathan. Scores? Jonathan gets 3, 3 and 2½ stars from James. That’s it. James screwed him. I really think that, for whatever reason, James never got Jonathan. Maybe Jonathan is too comfortable in his own skin and that threatens James…(just saying).

Wait, luckily the diners give him 3 stars for a total of 11½. Oh, but there is NO way he can beat Rick and make it to the final. I’m so mad. He got such a yucky bunch of words to cook from.

Alright, let’s hear Rick’s scores. 3, 3½ (OY!!!), then 3½ stars. He needs 2 more stars to beat Jonathan. Of course, he’ll get that. The diners give him 3½ stars. Woe is Jonathan. Woe is me.

Rick is lovely as he says he has such mixed emotions about making it to the final without Jonathan, whom he loves. Oh gosh, where’s the Kleenex?

Jonathan says the saddest part is leaving his fellow chefs. He says he adores Rick. I guess I’m not surprised that he got eliminated, but I am sad.

Now I don’t feel at all invested in the finale. Oh, wait a sec, I may have spoken too soon…Is that MC in the preview of the finale, during the final judging? Gosh, he looks handsome.

Well, alright, I may watch because of that, but I really want to lodge a protest about Jonathan not being judged fairly. James always seemed to rate him harshly and particularly low. I’m so deeply disappointed that my guy got sent home. But I guess you pays your money and you takes your chances.

Jonathan was a lot of fun to watch all these weeks, even though I would have liked to have seen him slay the final dragon. Would that have been his competitors or a certain judge? I’m not sure.


Tracy said...

I'm embarrassed to say that this is the first food show I've ever cried about! I thought Jonathan was wonderful. I was so inspired by both him and Susan Feniger. I've got to get their cookbooks.

Sue said...

Hiya Tracy,
Don't be embarrassed! I cry all the time. It WAS so unfair that Jonathan got sent home.

Both he and Susan were my favorites too, but at least we got to see each of them for quite a while.

Phyllis said...

Hi Sue :)
Finally caught up on all my Top Chef masters episodes so I can now read your blog without spoilers. Jonathan totally got screwed getting the depression/burnt sienna/avocado theme. I felt terrible when he got sent home. But I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about the 3 who are left!

Sue said...

Yup, Phyllis, my blog is FULL of spoilers. You were smart to wait.

I wish I could be excited about the finals. But I do want Rick to win, since he was such a Jonathan fan and so amazingly gracious when Jonathan got sent home.

Vamos a ver.