Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheesecake Wins, But Is It Really Pie?

Cheesecake takes it!!! YES!!!

Not that I thought Cheesecake should be in the mix in the first place, but since it WAS, I’m happy it won.

But I do understand, as with many issues of great import, that there is bound to be dissension over the outcome. I’m sorry to any Red Velvet Cake fans, but no way could it reign supreme over Cheesecake.

HOWEVER, there is no cookbook in the world, no recipe list, no ranking of great desserts ANYWHERE that puts Cheesecake in the pie category! doesn’t agree, of course, saying that

The Selection Committee maintains that a key ingredient in any Cheesecake is a crusty base. Moreover, it does not rise. Cakes, generally speaking, rise. But the crust factor is inarguable. Cheesecake is a Pie, and Pie wins.

Like the Supreme Court ruling on pornography, maybe I can’t say exactly what a pie is, but I know it when I see it and Cheesecake isn’t one!


Java Joggers said...

hey, at least you picked the winner!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I'm kind of neutral about cheesecake. I tend to like sweet and flavored cheesecakes over the really classic NY style ones. I don't like my cake too tart. Would I prefer it over red velvet cake? Hmmm..

I'm glad red velvet cake beat out carrot cake. I think red velvet cake is way overrated, but I'd rather eat it than carrot cake!

Sue said...

That's true, JJ. But it WAS a weird set of choices.

Hey Rach,
Neutral about cheesecake? We HAVE to talk.

Why, exactly, does carrot cake turn you off? It's like a gritty (in a good way) spice cake. AND the cream cheese icing is sooo good.

Emily said...

Awww. I thought apple pie had it.

Cheesecake is not pie!

Also, I looveee carrot cake.