Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cake Versus Pie - The Finals

I'm not sure why, but voting is still open...until 2 pm today, April 6th, to decide the winningest dessert in the land.

Jezebel's Cake versus Pie March Madness match-up contains many irregularities in my opinion, including the two finalists - Red Velvet Cake in the Cake category and Cheesecake in the Pie category.

I understand WHY they have Cheesecake as a pie (it has a crust), but they're just wrong. Cheesecake is neither a pie, nor a cake. It is a dessert. Having said that, I can't allow Red Velvet Cake to win.

If it were just a matter of the icing, then fine, Red Velvet could take the prize, but please don't tell me that a cake with more red food coloring in one cupcake than we were ever meant to consume in a year AND minuscule amounts of cocoa should beat a "pie" with the creaminess of heaven and the taste of paradise.

So reluctantly, I cast my vote(s) for Cheesecake and I hope you will too.

Vote here, early and often.


Anonymous said...

I agree, also about the great reluctance. While it's possible to make a good red velvet cake (hint: use butter), there are plenty of great cheesecakes. But really, how did it come to this choice?

Sue said...

Hi Tom,
I don't think the folks that chose these cakes and pies know much about great desserts. A Grasshopper Pie against Apple Pie?!! PULEEZ!!! A Bundt Cake?!! What does that even mean? That's a type of cake PAN, not cake. But I DO love the concept.