Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Food Network's Top Ten Recipes of 2009 Plus HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This is my New Year’s present to you. I’m going to spare you having to go on the Food Network website to see the top 10 recipes of 2009.

What ever happened to a simple LIST?!! Well, here it is. I’m even going to do it the way they do it, starting with number 10. (They say they’re listing the top 50 recipes, but if you can find an actual list, which doesn’t take a million clicks, let me know.)

10) Tyler Florence’s Mashed Potatoes

9) Rachael Ray’s Spitfire Shrimp

8) Pat and Gina Neely’s Apple Crisp

7) Tyler Florence’s Chicken Parmesan

6) Alton Brown’s Best Ever Green Bean Casserole

5) Tyler Florence’s Chicken Enchiladas

4) Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Bars

3) Alton Brown’s Good Eats Roast Turkey

2) Paula Deen’s Old-fashioned Meat Loaf- A.K.A "Basic" Meat Loaf

And the Number 1 recipe is… Alton Brown’s Baked Macaroni and Cheese

I’m glad there are a few of Tyler’s creations on there. I have to admit I have made none of THESE recipes, but one of my favorite Food Network recipes IS Tyler’s Chicken and Dumplings. It is a superb version of a old-time classic and I’m sure I’ll still be making it well into the two thousand and teen’s…

Yup, that's some game or other in the background...

Have a wonderful New Year’s! I wish good health and good cheer to all my blogging friends and readers for the upcoming year (and beyond). Eat and drink well and stay safe!


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Happy New Year to you!

I have to admit I'm less concerned these days with what people want to make on the Food Network. I've grown so weary of their shows. I'm glad Tyler has a couple on the list though. He really does make some good stuff! I'm a bit miffed about two things though. One is his inability to spell chicken parmigiana properly. The other is the fact that he puts OLIVES in it!

Hope you plan to down lots of good bubbly and good eats tonight!

*Big hugs and smooches!*

Sheila said...

Happy New Year Sue! It's been almost a year since I found you!

My favorite recipe from Tyler is the Ultimate Pot Roast. I hate to say it - it beat Ina's too! :-)

Looking forward to YOUR top 10 sometime soon... :-)

Emily said...

Happy New Year!

Wow! Look at those dumplings. They look amazing! So bubbly. There's nothing like chicken and dumplings and a good football game. :)

DebCarol said...

Happy New Year Sue and to everyone who sits around this big "kitchen table" of Sues . . . where we dish on all things food and fun. Onward into 2010.

Anonymous said...

I feel that list is heavily biased due to Thanksgiving/Christmas, since half of those foods sound like holiday foods. They should just cut searches from the last two months.

I made Tyler's mashed potatoes for Christmas. They're pretty good. I'm not sure that I could make Alton's baked mac 'n cheese. His stovetop one was terrible - waaaay too much cheddar cheese, and I love cheese AND used mild as opposed to the sharp he said.

Happy New Year!

Tom said...

Happy New Year, Sue! I agree with Amy -- there's a trend toward way too much cheese in macaroni and cheese these days. The baked ones then try to compensate with lots of topping or addition of other things that I don't really want there (sorry, Ina, but mushrooms or tomatoes don't do it for me). Also agree that Tyler may be the best thing on FN these days, but he's spreading himself too thin and his books need better editing (mostly inexcusable omissions. His name is on the cover so the buck stops there)

I'm still cable-free in 2010, so thanks for alerting me to the must-see things on FN. I can then check the online schedule and plan my gym visits accordingly!


Freshly Found said...

Hi Sue
How lovely to come across your blog and see that you remain a superb foodie! I still bake your chocolate brownies, and the Angela Day prize winning chocolate cake has been the birthday cake of choice for family for years! You look just the same as all those years ago! [Do you remember the blondies version of the brownies that we tried out?] All the best - Denise Kiggan

Sue said...

Dear Rachel AKA Olive Hater,
Olives are sooo good, especially the ones you get in Spain that are stuffed with anchovies. AWESOME!

About Tyler's spelling - strictly speaking, shouldn't it be either Chicken Parmesan OR Pollo Parmigiana? I'm just defending him because he's so cute.

Happy, happy new year to you, Darlin'!

Happy 2010 to you too! It seems like much longer since we started chatting.

Tyler's Ultimate recipes are really fabulous. I have to look at the Pot Roast.

One day, I'll do my top ten recipes.

You're funny. I really wanted you to hear the bubbling and those rotten guys had some game on. It IS a good combination, I promise.

Thanks for all your great comments. I always love hearing what you have to say. I hope you had a great New Year's and the next year is a fantastic one for you.

Hi Amy,
You know,the entire list is kind of suspect. I guess they are the most downloaded recipes, but it is actually kind of unclear about how the Food Network came up with it. And what was all this about the top 50 recipes? They have a bunch of different lists, but they don't add up to 50 recipes! Weird!

I haven't missed NEVER making an Alton recipe.

Happy New Year to you and hubby and the baby girls!

I agree that gloppy and overly cheesy mac and cheese is never a good thing, BUT I LOVE mushrooms in macaroni and cheese.

Tyler is definitely on the upswing these days. I detest editing errors and, you're right, there is NO excuse for them, except VERY occasionally for overwrought bloggers.

Keep up the great blogging. You have some great pieces posted. I loved the wine and leather one. Happy New Year!

Howzit?!! Those were the days! I'll come by your blog and say hi. I hope all is well.