Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Toby’s Preview Of Top Chef's Restaurant Wars

Toby says the winners of tonight’s Top Chef Restaurant Wars opened a restaurant as good as any he’s ever eaten in. Interesting.

Toby is definitely not as annoying this season and he says in this interview that he’s been taking his job as judge more seriously. I guess that’s why he’s been making fewer nonsensical and pompous pronouncements.

Other tidbits:

Toby only saw the other chefs’ antipathy towards Robin when the shows aired. He thought Eli was unfair to her. He says viewers will be surprised by the winners and the losers this week, as were the contestants at the time. Hmm. Does that mean that the Brothers V will falter? Can’t wait to see.


DebCarol said...

Yeah!! Restaurant Wars - like this episode, this is where personality really comes into play. Although a good chef is a good chef, even if their personality is annoying. Hope the Phillies have buried the Dodgers by 10 o'clock so I can watch . . . Anyway I think Jen will shine in this one - she will be calm, cool and collected I think. But who will have the killer spot as host/hostess? That one always goes down.

DebCarol said...

Wow . . . verdict is coming after this commercial - but boyohboy was I wrong in my prediction. Jen did NOT shine. In fact she is on the wrong side of the tracks. Big upset coming I think.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Last night hubby and I were watching DVDs of the office till 9:50 PM (we are about 2 seasons behind the actual show in our DVD watching). When we were finished, I lay there on the couch thinking, "I need to get the remote and put on Bravo. I must see Restaurant Wars..." However I continued to lie there and soon I was off in dreamland. At 10:10 I woke up and decided that I wasn't going to make it through Top Chef.

So I need your recap soon!!!