Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas Winner Revealed (Possibly), But Not By Me

I’ve been sitting on this for days trying to decide what to do. I was trying to think if I would want someone to tell ME. Also I thought who am I to withhold really important information? (Don't worry, I will NOT reveal the name in this post, but I will give you the link.)

This is what happened. In an otherwise standard review of one of those pricey farm-to-table dinners that chefs and farms pair up on, the writer, who is unusually clueless and has no excuse for being an idiot, referred to the chef as “the winner of Top Chef”. It was rather disconcerting, because it was just dropped there with no fanfare, no spoiler alert, no nothing. I actually couldn’t believe what I was reading.

THEN I read the comments, where the readers blasted her (the author) for this amazing indiscretion. Various editors answered that it was just a misunderstanding and the author didn’t mean the OVERALL winner of Top Chef. She was simply referring to one of the dishes that had won in one particular episode. That’s great, except the sentence said,”Top Chef Winner...”

There followed all kinds of denials and rebuttals about how all these folks have NO idea who won Top Chef and the author has no idea and the sites that reprinted this article have no idea and so on. BUT that makes no sense. WHO would refer to anyone as the winner of the worm cooking challenge (for example) in episode number so and so? That’s kind of random and it just doesn’t ring true.

I think the author goofed big time and the organization from which this article sprang goofed and every site that reprinted it goofed.

All I can say is that IF this chef DOES in fact win Top Chef, these folks are really big jerks. IF this chef does NOT win Top Chef, the author is worse than a jerk. She is careless and inarticulate and a poor excuse for a reporter.

NOW the reference in the article has been changed from “winner” to “contestant”. That doesn’t convince me in the least that they haven’t divulged the winner.

Of course, it's fun to talk about who may win Top Chef. And idle speculation by folks is one thing, but a reporter writing in a reputable newspaper is another. I don’t think you should click on the article, but here it is, if you want to. IF you DO look at it, please don’t give away in your comments what it says. The secret (if, in fact, it really is one) is safe with me.


Tracy said...

To click or not to click ... you're killing me!

Sue said...

Don't hate me. I thought your second comment gave a TINY hint of what was in that article, so I'm not posting it. BUT I 100% agree with everything you said...about everything. I thought exactly the same thing.

DebCarol said...

I didn't click, I'm not going to click, I may click but I don't think so, if I do click and regret clicking I'm going to be soooooooooo mad at you Sue, so I WILL NOT CLICK.

Sue said...

You know, THAT WAS REALLY MEAN of me. I wasn't going to include the link at all and I was just going to put it in a comment. But I can't edit the hyperlink in a comment, so you would have seen which chef it was without clicking. I would say...don't click. I can't say anymore or I'll have to reject MY comment as well.

Tracy said...

Wow, rejected. But I suppose I get it... But that post was just too tempting.

Magi said...

I didn't click the link, but I don't think it can be the winner. Whoever it is. Unless they've changed the way they do this, the final hasn't filmed yet, has it?

I know it was all over the Internet when they filmed the finale last season and it was well into the season. They get down to the final group in their initial filming, and then film the finale pretty close to the airdate.

At least that was my understanding of how it worked.

Sue said...

I'm mean, aren't I? But you were so on the money that it gave it away.

I WISH I KNEW if that were true. I have no idea. I know in previous seasons they seem to have taken a little break before the final challenge, but, for all I know, that may have already happened.

Adam said...

I'm personally not going to click, even though I would probably still take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes writers and everyone do simple things without thinking, which this clearly is the case. Still a real bonehead move though :)

Thanks for your insight on the applicances. Believe it or not, you're right about the colors... its common sense, but I can see how it's easy to forget.

With my budget and it only being my first set, I'm just going to go midrange. I have heard good things about Kenmore, and Whirlpool (which is weird because whirlpool makes all the other brands too I hear).

Sue said...

Good for you for not clicking...

I hope the moving goes without a hitch. At least you have the fun of shopping for new stuff.

Kathy and Judy said...

I clicked, and I think she probably wrote it without realizing the show hadn't been shown yet. But whatever...I generally TIVO it and watch several at once so I can jump through the commercials, so now I'll just wait until the finale.

If you ask me, the funniest part of the whole deal was all the "Oh no, not me, WE don't know, it's a SECRET!!" backtracking in the comments for the article...


DebCarol said...

I'm confused ~ it is the 10pm Wed. night time slot for Top Chef and they are running a rerun of last week's show . . . What the heck is up ????

Sue said...

Hey Judy,

You're much nicer than I am about the dummy writer.

I wish I knew if the finale had been filmed yet.

THANK GOODNESS, we have a week off!!

Jeff Timberwolf said...

I clicked it and the phrasing the reporter wrote actually doesn't say this person won, just that they weren't simply using their Top Chef contestant status as a means to get publicity. I don't think this person wins, but we'll see if Robin takes it after all (HAHAHAHA).