Friday, September 18, 2009

Rachael Ray Corrupts Jimmy Kimmel

Rachael Ray did a turn on Jimmy Kimmel last night appearing in a video on how to make a budget meal. I thought ugh and I hoped Jimmy would rescue the piece, but, actually, Rachael did!

Jimmy “played” the schlubby, bumbling, clueless guy. They go to a supermarket and Rachael asks what his favorite meal is. He says a pizza with ribs, fried chicken, corn dogs and ice cream, ALL as toppings. She basically ignores what he says and asks him, “How about I teach you to make spaghetti and meatballs on a budget?” She DID use the word “supper” which I hate. He says fine. (He would have agreed to a pop tart with mustard.)

They stop at the meat counter and she grabs a package of ground beef and SHOVES IT DOWN Jimmy’s pants. That continues for all the ingredients. She stuffs groceries down her shirt as well. They go to the checkout and she buys a pack of gum and tells us that’s how to make a meal on a budget. She says next week she’ll show them how to make a sandwich on a budget as she grabs a sandwich from the guy in line in back of her.

She looks great. Him? Not so much, but that’s Jimmy.

Oh, Rachael is showing the video on HER show this morning.

The best line:

Rachael: “So we’re making meatballs. What’s the number one ingredient?”

Jimmy: “Balls.”

I find Rachael much more effective at shoplifting than cooking.


DebCarol said...

Sounds like good old raunchy fun. Where will Rachael turn up next? Oh well, as long as she didn't try and shove some of her "Stoup" down Jimmy's pants . . . which as she constantly reminds us is "a combination of stew and soup". So do you eat it with a fork or a spoon, or maybe a spork??

Emily said...

Haha, this sounds funny. :)