Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Next Food Network Star - And The Winner Is...

Hah! Fooled you. I have no idea who wins, it's only Saturday. But my friends, the bookies, are betting on...can you guess?

At the beginning of the week they had Melissa and Jeffrey with equal odds. This is how they explained it: According to the experts at, Melissa, the “Working Mom & Home Cook,” has shown such improvement over the past few challenges, that despite Jeffrey’s extensive training and experience, the competition is too close to predict a clear winner.

But, NOW, Melissa is actually ahead. What's surprising to me isn't that Melissa caught up with Jeffrey (and is now the more likely winner), but that Jeffrey was ahead at all...ever! I have problems with both of them, but I have never liked Jeffrey and never will, so just like, Melissa is my pick.

As of this writing says

The Odds On The Next Food Network Star Season 5: Finale

  2. JEFFREY SAAD +100

That means (I’m told) that you have to bet $140 on Melissa to win $100. (You get back your initial investment of $140.) And for Jeffrey, if you bet $100, you win $100 dollars (on top of your original bet).

Me? I'm betting that at least some part of the show will be annoying and that it's unlikely that I'll watch a new show with EITHER of them.


Emily said...

I thought I was too behind on this show to catch up, but that's not the case at all. They're been playing a lot of reruns.

I think Melissa has a good personality, and is good in front of the camera, so I think she deserves to win and will win. I could see myself watching her. I just hope I would learn something from her.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I'm missing it :(

Jeff Timberwolf said...

i just watched the pilots and Jeffrey's was better, but I won't spoil it for who wins if someone reads this before they watch. I would vote for Jeffrey.