Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Odds Have It!

As a result of her poor performance (and Jeffrey stealing the spotlight!), poor Jamika is now at the bottom of the list. now feels that she has the smallest chance of winning The Next Food Network Star. Eh! What do they know anyway? (Actually, they’ve been just about spot-on so far.)

WINNER - The Next Food Network Star - SEASON 5

  • Jeffery Saad +100
  • Michael Proietti +150
  • Melissa D’Arabian +200
  • Debbie Lee +200
  • Jamika Pessoa +300


DebCarol said...

Wow, so Jeffrey is top dog according to this. I just can't see it, I have yet to connect with him. In the interim between this and your last post, I watched the last episode. Jamika - who I felt tremendous energy from - seems to have deflated, a shadow of her former self. Michael I still dig, but he keeps tanking in front of the camera. Melissa is like the energizer bunny. And Debbie - she simply annoys me. So I don't know, its all up in the air for me.

Sue said...

We sooo agree about Jeffrey.

Yup, Jamika had a bad week and it will be an uphill battle for Michael to overcome his camera angst.

This series of folks definitely doesn't include a front runner for me and, it sounds like, it doesn't for you either. Does that mean when there is a winner, we won't really agree with the judges...or even care?