Monday, April 6, 2009

Pistachio Recall Revisited

I feel quite terrible for all the pistachio growers and purveyors out there whose business is being decimated by the pistachio recall for Setton Farms. I heard from one producer today, Paramount Farms, who wanted to assure me that their pistachios are safe to eat and are NOT part of the pistachio recall.

They sent me a site, PistachioRecall.Org, which lists (on the left sidebar) all the brands NOT containing pistachios from Setton. Of course, the FDA assumes no responsibility for this site, which doesn’t make me feel that great as a consumer.

It IS worrying to be told NOT to eat pistachios, unless you know they DON’T come from Setton Farms. Wouldn’t most people err on the side of caution?

Yet, I do feel for these other companies. I admit I don’t buy tons of pistachios myself (if this were an almond, cashew or walnut recall, I’d be beside myself), but it’s not fair that companies that responsibly produce their products should get caught up in the shenanigans of one company.


Eric said...

Here's the problem with mass producing food. Smaller, independent farms don't usually have these issues.

Anonymous said...

i believe i mentioned Paramount in a comment here on your blog a couple of weeks ago.