Monday, April 6, 2009

Did I Hear RR Correctly?

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s lunch, but I must share this truly awful sounding recipe that Rachael made this morning. It was a SAUCE for a browned-potato-in-the-oven-type thing, which frankly I didn’t even know NEEDED a sauce.

I do feel a bit bad, though, because RR said this was a recipe of her mother’s. I DO think a mother’s recipes must be given respect, but I just can’t hold my tongue on this one.

(Listen, none of us is immune from horrible family recipes. Take my mother’s Jello Mold with Vegetables! PLEASE! Yes, I did say vegetables. I don’t remember it too clearly because I’ve blocked it from my memory, but I think CELERY was involved.)

I could have sworn RR said the sauce for the potatoes was made from Horseradish Sauce, Applesauce and Crumbs, which sounds so ghastly I thought it was a first, even for her. Yet, on her website, she has a perfectly benign sauce made from mustard and sour cream (but with crumbs, as well).

I didn’t record it and I wonder if I was dreaming, but I don’t think I could have made up the horseradish and applesauce combination. Here's the recipe on the website...with THE MOST UNATTRACTIVE PHOTO I’VE EVER SEEN. Maybe I DID hear her wrong, but my ears usually perk up when something so awful is about to be cooked.


One of my favorite readers, Deb, sent me this picture from her mother's recipe box - a Jello mold with CELERY! I'm so glad I wasn't making it up!

(Deb had the lovely idea to gather together her mother's recipe cards and scan them and make a book for family members. She also included some old photographs. What a great way to remember one's mother.)


Jen said...

Ugh- that might be the most awful food photo ever. Why even put up a photo if it's going to look that bad? On the plus side, it does make me feel a lot better about the photos that I take at home on the counter...

DebCarol said...

What a trip seeing my Mom's Jello mold up on your site Sue! It was one of those recipes that ladies used to clip out of their Good Housekeeping or Women's day magazines to serve to an unsuspecting family. But we loved her for it.

thebrunettebaker said...

Ditto on the ugly can't even tell potatoes are involved. I love your blog by the way. You put out what the rest of us are thinking and it's a hoot!