Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lidia, Master Teacher, Instructs Ann Curry (Playing Lucy Ricardo)

It wasn’t completely Ann’s fault as her pesto refused to come together in the blender. She just needed to add a bit of pasta water, which Lidia tells her…eventually.

Lidia was on Today to show 4 different pestos, but these were far more interesting than my usual variation of parsley and walnuts. I was just thinking about pesto recently after reading Rachel’s post.

Ann was first up with a mixture of garlic, cheese, ricotta, oil and walnuts. Lidia should have known she was in for trouble when Ann started to add BUTTER to the blender. Lidia was so concerned she asked Ann if she knew how to close the blender.

Next is a slinged Matt and a mixture, made in a mortar and pestle, using peas and mint and basil.

Al has a neat one with anchovies, raisins, basil, garlic while Ann is stripping the gears of the blender. BTW, it was Al who brought up the Lucy reference. His pesto sounded fantastic.

Natalie does a Sicilian pesto – garlic, tomatoes, almonds, basil and peperoncino.

Lidia moves on to having them dress the pasta. First they each mix their different pasta with a bit of butter (interesting, I don’t usually do that). Then they toss it with their own pesto. As they finish up, Lidia moves down the line hugging each one (she’s adorable); THEY hug each other; Al makes a move on the stage manager. It was a delicious segment…and the food looked good too.


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Butter in pesto? That is kind of odd. However, I think I'd do it if Lidia told me to.

Emily said...

This makes me want to come up with my own creative pesto recipe! The pea/mint one sounds delicious.

My parents always put butter on the pasta after they oook it. I don't like it because it makes it all greasy.

marty said...

I *HEART* LIDIA! Love her PBS show and the food she demos. No need for all the phony story line nonsense that so many FN personalities (sorry, Ina) are using to fill their half-hour time slots in lieu of demonstrating new recipes or cooking techniques (seriously, how many times does Ina need to demo roasting vegetables, for heavens' sake? We GET it. Olive oil, season, roast, serve.) Lidia talks to us like we know the difference between the cooktop and the sink. I appreciate that.

Sue said...

Hi Rach,
It WAS weird to butter the pasta before adding the pesto. But I guess we should trust Lidia to know what's good.

I'm sure you would come up with a winner. Just don't mix chocolate chips with sun-dried tomatoes.

At least your parents don't use squeezable margarine.

You're funny. I agree that Lidia is great.

Ina HAS been a tad repetitive this season, but I love her so much that I don't mind.