Saturday, March 28, 2009

Travelogue - Waterfalls and Windmills

Back from sunny California…

After just a day in Los Angeles, we drove to Palm Springs, which, if I had to pick my favorite place stateside, would probably be it. I LOVE the desert climate. That old expression "It's hot, but it's DRY heat" is actually true. We had one unusually super-windy day, but the rest of the time it was between 75° and 85° during the day and in the low sixties at night. Perfect.

Palm Springs isn't just fancy schmancy either. They have hotels, motels and inns at every price point and that goes for the food too (although I will tell you about a few great meals…plus a brush with young Hollywood in another post). You don't have to spend a million dollars to experience the wonderful weather.

Two great things that we did:

We went on a 2 mile hike in Tahquitz Canyon, which took us to a beautiful waterfall and gorgeous mountain scenery.

I’m not known as the greatest outdoors-person…unless the setting includes an outdoor kitchen.

My kids don’t let me forget when I complained about hiking up some monstrous trail in Yosemite. When I almost couldn’t continue, down the mountain comes a little three year old skipping happily in flip flops, along with her entire family, including grandma.

This time, there were all these warnings - TAKE WATER. No hiking off trail. (As IF…) Stay on designated trails only, so I was nervous.

I asked each person coming from the opposite direction how hard the trail was. Most said, it was ok, but one woman said PACE YOURSELF! I got worried. As I trundled along slowly, suddenly another family came down…easily enough. As they passed, H(usband) noticed the mother HAD A BABY ON HER BACK and appeared to have no trouble whatsoever climbing around the canyon, so naturally I wasn’t allowed to complain the rest of the hike. Truly, it wasn’t so bad…and if I say that, it must be easy enough for anyone.

AND we took a tour of the wind farms and learned EVERYTHING there was to learn about wind turbines (windMILLS are in Holland) and wind power.

There are over 4000 separate wind turbines along the San Gorgonio Pass in the San Jacinto mountains along Interstate 10 which leads to Palm Springs. They provide enough electricity to power Palm Springs and the entire Coachella Valley.

I find them striking to look at and sooooo fascinating.

Next time...some great meals.


meleyna said...

Haha, that dry heat is great when it's 80. 115 degree summers aren't exactly the same.

And I'm with you on the hiking thing. I Don't Do the outdoors.

Sue said...

Hi Meleyna,
Yeah, you're probably right about the summers.

It's funny how fast (and far) I can walk when shopping is involved.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I envy you that hike. I loves me some outdoor trails (although I find the optimum way to view them is from the back of a horse if one is available).

Seeing a wind farm would be really cool. I think I've been working in the energy business too long!

Sue said...

THAT'S what I needed - a horse! On second thought, that would have added a whole new list of problems.

The wind farm was amazing and you probably would have understand most of what the guide was talking about...

Emily said...

Oooh, I don't blame you.

I agree about the shopping! I'm incredibly fast and have great endurance.

Sue said...

Let's go shopping!