Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guess Where I Am...

Here’s a scene from my hotel window:

That doesn’t help, does it? Maybe this will.

Yup, it’s an observatory and planetarium with huge telescopes for looking into the (hazy) skies.

THIS will definitely give it away…

That IS the Hollywood sign, visible in the distance, taken from the Observatory in Griffith Park.

We’re in LA, visiting our daughter, taking in some sights, which included the bronze head of James Dean.

Why is that there? Because he filmed "Rebel Without A Cause" at the Griffith Park Observatory.

Our first day of touring included of the inside of this bar...


watching some basketball something or other with a bunch of drunken 20 year olds. Only one glass was broken amid the yelling and profanity, and I have to say the Potato Skins were awesome.

I LOVED my Hank’s Vanilla Cream Soda. It was sweet and cold with a creamy taste of real vanilla.

And the Fried Calamari (not pictures) were hot, crispy and not overly greasy.

More later. If it's snowing or cold and grey where you are, I'm sorry. I'll send some warm weather thoughts your way.


jOoLz said...

alas, we're supposed to get rained on tomorrow!

hope you enjoy your time in los angeles :)

Anonymous said...

I don't care how warm it is down there, or cold up here, I would never envy you being in LA. I had my fill of that place in law school, ugh! Have fun visiting your daughter though!

Sue said...

Thanks Joolz!

I SHOULD hate LA, I know I should and, yet, I love it. Actually I haven't been to one part of California that I don't love. It's just so gosh darned beautiful. There's incredible food (particuarly in the north) and if you forget the haze, who wouldn't want to live in shirt sleeves?

Emily said...

Hope you're having a great time! Can't wait to see what else you've been up to.
I could use some of those potato skins right now. Mmmm. And the cream soda.

DebCarol said...

Looks like fun! Say hi to all the "beautiful people" from me on the east coast.

Lys said...

Have a great time in LA! Can't wait to hear about it!