Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ina Is Psychic and Chris Is Rude On GMA

Just last night, I was thinking that I wanted to make proper yeast risen cinnamon buns for Christmas morning and then this morning Ina was on GMA demonstrating a quick and easy version, using puff pastry.

The Contessa was full of fun and instructive as always, but while she was doing her segment, Chris Cuomo - who is becoming increasingly annoying and so full of himself that it’s hard to watch - was making a commotion and lots of noise in the audience. Fine, if he wants to hand out the cinnamon rolls during the last few seconds of the segment, but not halfway through! Who does he think he is?!! Kathee Lee? What a dolt!

It definitely took away from Ina’s appearance, although she was unflappable. AND he promo’ed her as EENA Garten! Puleez! What a mo’!

Diane was lovely and did give her the proper attention, as Ina demonstrated how to make quick sticky buns with puff pastry. Basically, you roll up the puff pastry with melted butter, spices, raisins and sugar, cut it into slices and bake in a muffin tin with butter, sugar and pecans in the bottom. The resulting buns looked genuinely yummy.

She moved on to a lovely fruit juice combo, adding, “Just because it’s breakfast, doesn’t mean we can’t have cocktails.” She didn’t add the vodka then, but said we could. She also told us about this omelet, which would be a delicious addition to a festive breakfast. Then she showed a beautiful fruit platter. Ina said it’s a wonderful substitute for fruit salad AND it can be used as a centerpiece, so you don’t need flowers. Great idea. Great recipes. Great Ina and Irksome Chris.


SayGrace said...

Hi, and thanks so much for the recent Ina postings...

Can I ask how it is you know when she is appearing on television? I am hoping that there's a way to get email notifications so that I can set my DVR... I'm sad to think I've missed a chance to catch her... even with CC being a tool (Can I say that on this board? If not, please substitute "playing a fool;" I won't be offended!)

Anonymous said...

Chris really was annoying. Maybe he was subconsciously trying to undermine Ina to covertly support his older brother's lady love...the Anti-Ina, Sandra Lee....

Sue said...

Hi Grace,
I think Tivo has a function (I don't know if other DVR's do) where you can plug in a name and they record every show with that person. Many times, it's sheer luck that I catch a food person on the morning shows.

I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!! Where have I been? I read up and found out they've been together for 2 years. I didn't even know she was divorced.

Anonymous said...

The cinnamon buns were great! I love learning great tasting, easy recipes.

I have to agree with the comment about Chris. He can be so charming and nice to look at, but sometimes I just want to change the channel.

Lighten up Chris, we know you are there!