Thursday, December 11, 2008

Foodies Book Alert

I’m so happy to tell you that my great blogging friend, Cynthia Nelson, has put together her unique Caribbean recipes and tales into a book, My Caribbean Cookbook: Tastes Like Home. I’m so anxious to hold it in my hand and look through it. For the moment, it can be pre-ordered here in advance of its January 23rd, 2009 release.

If you follow Cynthia’s blog, Tastes Like Home, and read her weekly newspaper column, you know how interesting her tales are of her native Guyanese food combined with the food stylings of her current home in Barbados. She also casts a wider net to include much of the Caribbean with its unique cooking styles.

Cynthia does two remarkable things at the same time: she brings back memories of classic home-style Caribbean dishes to her MANY local readers AND she introduces these often fascinating recipes to those of us who have never heard of many of the exotic ingredients that are commonplace to her.

Kudos to Cynthia for the enormous hard work she has put into this collection. We all know her to be warm and wonderful writer and cook, now we can add published author to her list of accomplishments.


Cynthia said...

I love you!

Thank you!

Sue said...

Cyn, dear,