Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fed Up Rachael Ray

RR actually took a camera down her throat on this morning's show to prove to worried fans (and perhaps a few detractors, as well) that she did NOT have throat cancer, but a cyst, which will be removed in December.

Apparently, she has had tons of messages from folks who were wishing her well and assuming she was battling a serious illness.

I suppose there was no other way to PROVE the tabloids' headlines wrong. But I do feel kind of bad that she felt she had to have a huge metal pole with a camera on the end of it shoved down her throat to show there was only a cyst. I guess that comes with the territory of having your face, and more importantly your products, in every outlet known to humankind.


DebCarol said...

On the RR throat thing. It was a little TOO much information for me. I would have believed her if she had simply told us that she was having surgery and why. She didn't need to slip into reality TV mode by showing the test.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry Rachael had to go through that. I hope the surgery is a success. French soprano Natalie Dessay has had the same problem along with surgery to correct it. The French expression for vocal cord problems is having a cat in your throat, so Natalie has made a joke of it by naming her cats after vocal issues (like nodule, etc.)

I used to be an aerobics instructor back in the days before good cordless microphones, when we had to scream to be heard over the music. Most of my co-instructors had some kind of vocal problems, nodes or cysts that either had to be removed, or they just lived with. I didn't have any apparent physical damage, but my voice hasn't been the same since -- and I stopped teaching in 1993!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but.. it still could be cancerous if she hasn't had a biopsy...but...the assumption is that she has had a biopsy, that's why she not so concerned.

I had a benign cyst on my vocal cords 30 years ago ( when I was 20 years old,) and I had a cancerous one in recent years. To make a long story short... I've had radiation and chemotherapy to try to help my situation. Now i"m in limbo.

Adam said...

That's kinda too bad that had to happen. I mean bad press and tabloids are going to infringe on a celeb's life, but stuffing a camera down your throat? Good thing she has a big mouth.

mysimplefood said...

Did she actually do that! Have not watched Rachel Ray for sometime now since I came back to Malaysia for 2 mths...well whatever it is I hope she is ok.

Sue said...

I’m with you, DebCarol.
It was gross. But I think RR fanatics – on either end of the spectrum – are part of the SHOW ME category, before they’ll believe anything.

Hi Tom,
That’s interesting. And I guess the point of the French expression is that the scratchy voice actually sounds like screeching cats.

Wow, for ruining your voices, did you all get hardship pay or just great abs?

Hi Anon,
I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you continue to do well. RR must have had that all checked out, before she showed us her throat.

And here I was trying to be all nice and not say what I REALLY thought…but then you went and did it for me!

Sue said...

Hi My Simple Food,
Yes, it is really true!

I hope you and your hubby are back together soon.

Michelle said...

I'm not the biggest Rachael Ray fan, so I have to admit that I had no idea about her throat condition. I do hope the surgery is successful and that she's not plagued by it after the surgery is over... But the camera down the throat? A little much.

Sue said...

Hi Michelle,
I feel the same way. I wonder if her raspy voice will change a lot. It might be easier to listen to her then...or not.

Cynthia said...

No that is just wrong! No one should have to do that to satisfy anyone!

Sue said...

I do agree. It really looked awful.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am looking forward to a quieter version of RR so with any luck she'll cook more and talk less

but that's just me....

Connie Lou said...

I like her, I wish her well.

Sue said...

Hey Anon,
Well, it turned out she managed without the surgery and it doesn't look like her speaking to cooking ratio has changed a bit.

Hi Connie,
I don't like her cooking, but I don't mind her talking and I certainly don't wish her ill.