Monday, November 10, 2008

Around The Dial

Who knew that Rocco DiSpirito could give good relationship advice? What a change from his Restaurant days.

Rocco had a very amiable chat with Rachael this morning. Maybe he just came off well next to RR, but he actually made some sense. After the obvious DWTS chat, he talked about how folks can be dissuaded from cooking by watching the experts. After they talk about bio-diverse this or organic that, they scare people away from the kitchen.*

That's probably why people DO buy RR's books, because they know there's nothing scary in them (although 587 versions of the same hamburger or meatloaf is pretty scary to me) and they won't be challenged to do anything new or different.

Rocco said another thing that made me more positively disposed towards him. He was talking about men cooking for women. He said lobster is very sexy (AND it's very well-priced now) and he suggested the gentleman pulling apart his date's lobster and dipping it in butter for her. He didn't go in to what happens next, but I'm guessing they're not doing the dishes immediately.

The other dish he proposed was risotto. He said that it's great for a woman to see a guy paying such close attention to one thing for 20 minutes. Wow, that WOULD be a turn-on. Even taking out the recycling - ALL the recycling - would do it for me.


Giada started her weekly stint on the Today Show this morning. (I'm guessing that's how they do it - she's does one week at a time.) They have gorgeous new pictures of her to introduce the segment. The camera lens would have to be cracked, to take a bad picture.

She showed us her top ten kitchen utensils. There were only one or two that I disagreed with and her top few were mine also.

Number one was a microplaner, although she prefers the larger holed one with a handle. I like the long skinny one. Parmesan comes out like snowflakes.

Number two was nylon-tipped tongs. She showed my exact ones. You can't scrape a hot grill pan with them, though, or they'll melt a bit on the mine.

Another good choice was a colander/scooper combination that makes it easy to grab stuff out of hot cooking water.

I disagree about the silpat, but Giada did make a good point about it being reusable and thus, perhaps, a more green choice than foil or parchment paper.

The porcelain measuring spoons are a bit precious for me. I only use stainless steel. I think they're more exact.

This is a good list for a cook with a new kitchen to set up. College types definitely don't need all these stuff, but the microplaner, tongs and scooper would be useful for the occasional cook.

* It is true that sometimes it's hard to know the right thing to do. My biggest question these days is whether to buy organic from half a world away or non-organic from a local farm. Don't say local organic. Obviously, that's the best choice, but it's not one that we're given most often. And I'm not even taking into account the huge price difference we're faced with.


Laurie said...

I agree, a man in the kitchen is very sexy! But what I don't like is a man who does it just to impress and when he gets the girl turns his twenty minutes of patiently stirring risotto into a thing of the past. Now if he makes risotto, kneads the dough and stirs POLENTA.. now that's my kinda man!

Sue said...

Yeah!!! I hear you, Sister!

truthinessness said...

Rocco has come a long way and I love a man who can cook for sure. Ask ANY chef and they will ALL tell you he is one of the greatest chefs of his generation. Rocco and Rachael were so cute together. They'd make a powerful culinary team wouldn't they?

Emiline said...

I want a microplane SO much. I've asked for one for the last couple of years, for my birthday, and Christmas, but I still haven't received one.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I should put a microplane on my wishlist.

I don't think I have ever had a man cook for me. That's the problem with being a woman who loves to cook. They figure they have it easy and can sit back and let you do the work.

I never understand with so many decent cooks on TV who can present easy to follow, accessible recipes, people still feel Rachael Ray is the only one who isn't "scary" or can teach people how to cook. I guess it's the gimmick.

Pete said...

Hi, just dropping by. Thks for accepting my add request in Foodbuzz. Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

Short (dis)order cook and emeline... don't wait for it ...just go get yourself one...they are not that expensive. Don't miss out because your loved ones don't understand what what you need.

Sue said...

Hola Truthinessness,
I’m guessing you don’t read my blog too often, but that’s okay. Rocco is more talk than action, but he has improved of late. And Rachael is not really one of my favorite people, but I still feel bad that she had to poke a metal rod down her throat.

Obviously, you are not giving Santa the kind of cookies he really likes. A word of advice: Do NOT try to pawn off those hard-boiled egg cookies on him, or you may just get coal.

Don’t let Mr. Short Order(dis)Order Cook off so easy!

I think in my case, I’m probably too bossy and would never be able to stand someone else cooking for me…regularly. However, if Jamie or Tyler came to stay…well, THAT would be a different story.

I’m with you on not getting RR’s appeal.

Hi Pete,
Thank YOU! Come back often.

Shortie and Em,
I SWEAR I’M NOT Anonymous, but I don't disagree.