Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shhh...Secrecy is the Colonel's Middle Name

Or so it should be.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is shoring up its security and had to temporarily move the sacred text of its secret spice blend from its resting place in a steel vault…well, actually, it was in a filing cabinet with 2 combination locks (which was inside a vault), so you can understand the need for upgraded security.

No less an expert than Bo Dietl (remember him from Goodfellas?) is being entrusted with the recipe, while the changes are being made.

Of paramount importance to those commended with carrying on the Colonel’s mission of deep fried chicken is keeping the spice blend a deep secret. It seems to be even more secret than Coke's special formula or the Bush's baked bean spice blend that that dog carries around in his head and keeps trying to sell.

I’ve personally never had KFC, but I don’t like the stories I’ve read about other things than chicken being served. (I’m going to do you a favor and not include some really gross links I’ve found on this topic.) I also can’t stomach the way its chickens are reportedly raised. If even a portion of this is true, it’s enough to keep me far away from anything resembling a bucket with fried things inside.

However, I do appreciate an organization that honors its roots and keeps the memory of it founder paramount in its everyday operations. KFC has decreed that Colonel Harlan Sander’s handwritten list of spices should be kept secret and so it is and always shall be.

To ensure its total confidentiality, only 2 KFC executives, at a time, have access to the handwritten formula. The ingredients are also meted out to different suppliers, so noone has the complete list. I really wonder how this works in the actual production of the product. I guess Mystery Spice blend #1 gets mixed with Mystery Spice Blend #2.

Now, if only other changes could be made, as have been done at the Canadian KFC’s, we could feel good...well, better, about eating there.


Emiline said...

While I haven't had canned pie filling, I have had KFC. Although, it's been a few years. I've avoided it since some of those stories came out.

Sue said...

Good move.