Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Shape Of Ice To Come

I have a problem with my ice and I didn’t even know it. Apparently, the curved half moon shaped ice cubes from my refrigerator ice maker are problematical…for a number of reasons.

The first, which, of course, I noticed - but it never occurred to me to be irritated about it, until I was told I should be and so now I am – is that these particular shaped cubes rush to the top of the glass as you take a drink, often leaving the drink in more places than just down your gullet.

Another problem with that type of ice is that, due to the relatively skinny ends of the cube, it melts quickly. Apparently true beverage aficionados prefer ice in a spherical shape, because it melts slower, thus chilling the drink without watering it down.

An article in the Times recently mentioned various trends in the world of ice: Designer ice is available to those who are picky…very picky about where their cubes come from; People are bringing their own ice to parties (I would send them right home); and most worrying (and the only good reason to buy fancy ice) is that water from commercial ice machines has been found to have more E Coli in it than fast-food toilets - at least according to a 7th grader’s science project.

And, of course, the water that makes the cubes is a concern too. My refrigerator does have a filter, but since I haven’t changed it in a year, I’m guessing it’s not doing much of a job right now.

It’s quite a complicated business making ice cubes just right. Here is more information than you could possibly ever want or need (or understand) about making the perfect ice cubes.

If you can’t be bothered with all that chemistry (or is it physics?), then you can always buy aquaICE, ”patented purified water in sealed ICE trays”, which will solve all your “ice problems”. The only problem I have is reading too many ridiculous articles that tell me about all the things I should be worried about.

By the way, if you want some really fancy water to go with your over-the-top ice cubes, then you should stay at The Abigail Stoneman Inn in Newport, Rhode Island and order the WATER tasting menu. Yup. An entire array of bottled waters comes to your room to satisfy any longing (in the H2O category) that you might have.

One more thing…to fully appreciate your fine water, it should be served in a fine glass…with no ice.


Jen said...

Hi Sue-

I thought of you this weekend when I went out to eat and was seated at a banquette well below table level...

Also- I wanted to let you know that I've passed two blog awards on to you.

Emiline said...

Our ice is half moon shaped, too. I think I would prefer a different shape.

Sometimes I see bits of food in the ice machine at work.

Dona said...

Sonic ice is the best. You know Sonic - the drive in. They sell bagged ice.

Sue said...

Hi Jen,
Does this mean we should start bringing our own phone books to restaurants?

Thank you sooooo much! I'm carefully considering who to pass them on to.

I'm guessing that if we got used to spherical ice, we'd never be able to use anything else.

FOOD in the ice machine?!! THAT IS REALLY GROSS!

Hi Dona,
There are no Sonics super near me, but, forget the ice, I could sure go for one of their shakes right now.