Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rachael Bests Ellen At The Daytime Emmys

Yup, RR walked away with Best Talk Show at last night's Daytime Emmy's. She was competing against Ellen (up for her 5th consecutive win in this category) and The View.

I have no problem that she won. The first 46 minutes of The Rachael Ray Show can be enjoyable. She asks viewers to try weird devices and potions and report back. She gets grotty looking men to shower and change their clothes - that's called a makeover, which probably lasts as long as the camera is on...and she gets celebrities to chat.

Of course, my least favorite part of the show is the cooking. I won't watch that and I urge you not to. Otherwise, you might be roped into buying a 15 dollar plastic bowl in which to put your garbage.

But as a TALK Show, ok, I think it’s fine. RR is affable and well suited to the genre, and if it keeps her out of the kitchen longer, so much the better.

Do you think Barbara was really that delighted to lose?

Rachael, picking up the hardware with Executive Producer Janet Annino.


Emiline said...

Congrats to Rachael Ray. I've never actually watched her show. I was walking through the grocery store the other day, and I noticed she had a new product...and I could not believe it. Now I can't remember what it was....

OH! Chicken stock. She has her own chicken stock! Now she can say she's finally arrived!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

GRRRRR...this just makes me mad.

I find the Rachael Ray show unwatchable. At its best, it's unbelieveably boring. At its worst, you have Rachael Ray being her most over-the-top and annoying. She makes up for her lack of good camera presence by shouting in that raspy voice all the time (she really needs to lay off the ciggies) and she is constantly interuppting and talking over her guests (and likes to make the interviews about her). Granted I only watched earlier episodes before giving up in disgust, and maybe the show has improved since then, but I have a hard time imagining the show being more professional, polished and watchable than Ellen, who is a natural on camera.

But then again, I don't really give much credit to award shows. I'm kinda cynical that way.

Sue said...

That's so funny, Em, because I was walking through a store the other day, too, and I noticed a most unattractive pot. It had an overly large stuck-up-too-high-in-the-air handle; it was a loud, ugly orange; AND I did not like the shape of the pot. Guess what, it was Rachael Ray's.

If she's selling chicken stock, I'll stick to vegetable stock.

You have got to check out this one particular post with comments from other Rachael Ray "detractors" - that's a nice way of describing them.

I try to look on the bright side of things. They could have given her ANOTHER cooking show. I'm so happy that that didn't happen that I'm willing to give her some slack when she lets other people embarrass themselves with cellulite cream or their stretched-out 20 year old underwear.

We Are Never Full said...

i am seriously now convinced the mayans are right and the world will really end in 2012. i really, really try to watch the show, just so i can be justified when i talk about how much i can't stand listening to her - but it is so hard when i just want her to take a throat lozenges and clear that smokers voice! it's sooooo grating!

poor ellen.