Saturday, May 24, 2008

One More Thing About Top Chef Season 4

Let Me Just Make It Clear Why I Won't Be Watching...
Ok, Maybe I’ll be Watching (Just A Little), But I WILL NOT be Reporting On It Anymore This Season

Dale was my boy, my man, my chef. I adored his cooking. I just love Asian and fusion cuisine and any and all combinations. My absolute favorite places are Buddakan, Vong, Tabla, Asia de Cuba – they’re my go-to restaurants.

Maybe I’m a bad sport, but I don’t care about the other chefs.

Antonia may end up taking it all, without once having uttered a profanity or stabbing anyone in the back. She’s like a hardworking journeyman...woman – eminently capable, gets the job done, good food which looks ok, but where’s the fire, where’s the spark?

Dale was a naturally gifted ninja (is that too much of a stereotype?) in the kitchen. His creations (until his final night) were perfectly put together, wonderful tasting and, despite Antonia’s criticism that he ALWAYS cooked Asian, smartly inventive. (Nikki ALWAYS made pasta, including the night she was recruited as a helper for Antonia’s team.)

Listen, I have nothing against Antonia. She’s a mom (aahhhhhhhhh, that’s what they want us to say) she cooks with her head, she’s sensible, nothing is ever too out there. But Dale, aahhhhhhhhh Dale, he cooks with his heart. He moves fast and thinks on his feet, and the judges absolutely should have taken into account his overall superior skill level.

Now, we (well, actually YOU) are forced to watch Lisa, the witch; Spike, who I still can’t tell apart from Andrew, but now that Andrew’s gone, I don’t have to; Richard, who is very gifted, but really he’s a one trick pony*; Stephanie, ehhh, nice kid, I’d have no problem eating in her restaurant, but I don’t want to watch her sweat and strain to get there.

So enjoy the show, and I’ll just have to try for a reservation at Buddakan, where I can be closer to my Dale.

* I kinda get the deal with the Ras el Hanout, though. I once bought a particularly fragrant brand of Smoked Paprika and it was such a revelation that I used it on EVERYTHING. I thought it brought out the meatiness of meat and added a rich flavor to non-meat items and I just LOVED the taste. (I haven’t used it in months, though, I just got burned out.)


Diana said...

Dale had a lot of spirit and I will miss him. . . Is it just me or does Antonia seem ignorant and racist? Yes, Dale incorporates Asian themes in almost everything, but so did Lisa and Spike. And as Bourdain said, "Asia is a big place." Anyway, I don't think the rest of the season will be worth watching. (I think Jen was another talent that was eliminated too soon). Lisa the backstabber, Spike the weasel, and Antonia the racist don't really pique my interest and I would spend more time being annoyed than inspired. Richard and Stephanie are, of course, extremely likeable. But eh. Maybe Dale was eliminated because they can't have a talented Asian guy winning Top Chef two seasons in a row.

Emiline said...

I was thinking what Diana said - they can't have an Asian guy win two years in a row. You'd like to think that's not true, but...

Was Antonia racist? I don't remember that.

Luna said...

I am a witch. There's nothing wrong with being a witch. So what is your point about Lisa?

She's a BITCH but that HARDLY makes her a witch. (And I HATE HATE her attitude, rolling eyes, pissed off bitch face at Judges' Tables.)

Sue said...

You are so right!!! That was my secret worry this entire season - that they wouldn't want to give it to another Asian guy.

I'm not sure Antonia was racist, just because she didn't want Dale to cook Asian food. She herself was guilty of one note cooking. I don't remember anything particularly revolutionary that she cooked.

I agree with your reading of the other contestants too. What a yawn the rest of the season will be.

I think it may be true...

Hi Luna,
Welcome. I was just trying to avoid using the word bitch too many times. But you're right - Witches are not (necessarily) bitches

Josh said...

Hmmmm, so Sue, you're afraid to post opinions that don't agree with yours? More and more, you prove to be just a sore loser who can't stand her no good cook lost. Oh well, it's good to know you won't be watching anymore. Top Chef doesn't need you.

Sue said...

Hmmmm "Josh", you're probably Lisa,

What I don't publish is obscene remarks. Clean up your language and get rid of your vitriol and I'd love to have a debate.