Friday, February 29, 2008

Take A Leap

Imagine being born on Leap Year DAY. I’m sure you’d feel gypped, sort of like a Christmas or Valentine’s Day birthday, even though you get a choice about which day to celebrate your birthday on (most years).

The only thing that I know about February 29th is that this is the one day of the year that women are "allowed" to propose marriage. That IS kinda ridiculous in the year 2008. Oh, there's another myth. "They" say it's bad luck to get married on Leap Year Day. It’s ok to ASK someone, but you can’t tie the knot then.

So what would be the appropriate to eat (or drink) on this day? Frog’s legs? Ick. No thanks. How about we keep with the ladies choice theme? Maybe something wonderful like a Madhur Jaffrey’s Masala Chai, which is a milky sweet Indian tea and a little cookie (or big one)…The only thing I would add to this recipe is a slice of fresh ginger to the spices. And you may want to cut down on the sugar somewhat.

How To Make Masala Chai


Emiline said...

I like your video. Especially the music. I want a black and white cookie!
I hope you don't get sick from those cookies.

Did you see that Amy (Occhio Grosso) got married on Feb. 29th? So they've been married for 4 years, but this is their first anniversary.

Sue said...

Hi Em,

YES, I did see that!!! And I thought, well things seem okay for them, so it must not be true.

I would prefer a date where we have to celebrate 4 times A YEAR, instead of every 4 years. It's all hooey, I guess.