Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ooh Baby, Giada Goes Bye-Bye

Giada's been busy. She was at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival over the weekend, where she told a People Magazine reporter all about her cravings - steak seems to be the major one.

Then she came to New York and did a stint on the Today Show on Tuesday about her favorite spring recipes. She was also given a baby shower by her NBC colleagues.

On Wednesday, she said her good-byes to her Today Show buddies. Her last piece was 5 tricks to make life better in the kitchen, which included washing your hands with mouthwash to get rid of a garlic smell. I have never heard that one. I just rub my hands on a stainless steel spoon, or even my sink, and it’s like magic. No more garlic.

Natalie and Hoda wanted to know if Giada had discussed names. Then they agreed that she shouldn’t say if she had, because people would just put their two cents in. That’s fine, except it was already reported what Giada wants to name her little girl baby to-be.

SHE, herself, was named Giada (Jade in Italian – who knew?) after her parents saw her green eyes. She really likes the name Jade and she thinks it goes with her husband’s American last name of Thompson. Her husband’s parents named him TODD Thompson!?

I have to say I know of only one woman, a friend, who named her daughter after herself. I thought WHY NOT? Guys do it all the time…In fact, in this very family, the daughter is named after the mother and one of the sons is named after the father. All I know is that they must have an easier time calling everyone for dinner….with so few names to say.

Anyway, Jade is a lovely name. I do prefer Diamond(s) or Amethyst, but Jade is rare and precious, well, precious anyway. Well, maybe not that precious these days, but it IS pretty. Little Jade is slated to make her appearance on April 3rd.


Emiline said...

I like Jade.
I don't like Todd Thompson. How boring is that?

I wonder if Giada will come back to the Today Show. Probably.

Thanks for the inside scoop.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I always thought Giada was a very strange name. I never knew it meant Jade, but it makes sense and I think it's a perfectly good name for a girl. I hate names that are overly popular or else not girly. I think girls should have girl's names that sound like proper FIRST names.

Sue said...

Hey Em,
I like Jade too, especially around my wrist.

Hi Shortie,
I know what you mean, but I have too many friends who have given their kids imprecise or au courant names, so I can't comment publicly.

Tracy said...

I agree that Jade is a pretty name, but what if she doesn't have green eyes?

I craved steak during my first pregnancy -- that's about the only thing I have in common with Giada.

Sue said...

That's a really good point. I guess she's using Jade just because she likes the name and the idea that it's her name in English.

I was trying to think of all the things that I have in common with Giada, but the list is so long I don't have room here.