Friday, January 25, 2008

Jamie Sure Is Dishie; But Finding His Pie Dish Is No Easy Task

Some folks have been asking about this nifty pie plate that Jamie used last week. He probably got his at Oxfam (which IS a great place to shop), but I did find a few similar ones online.

Unfortunately, this one is already gone and it was only 99 cents on Ebay!!!

The one that is probably the closest in SHAPE is this apple-patterned Polish pottery pie dish:

Another one with a similar shape is on Ebay:

Not exactly the same fluting, but here's a stunner from Frankoma:

And there's this basic plain white one from Amazon:

Now if we could just find his recipes online...


Emiline said...

A person that loves to bake pies, should have a dish like this.

I think you should respect Jamie's decision to not have his recipes online.

Sue said...

It is beautiful.

Well, Emiline, do not come crying to me when you're desperate to find out exactly how many nettles are in his salad or partridges in his pie!