Friday, January 25, 2008

Food Is Good For More Than Just Eating

I knew that peanut butter was good for getting gum out of a kid’s hair, but I never thought about using it on a CARPET to get rid of gum. There are some other great ideas here (click on Weird Household Uses For Food) for using food in unusual ways:

Add black pepper to laundry to keep clothes from fading.

Pour a bottle of soda down the drain to clear it, instead of using Drano. (I knew soda was poison, but I didn’t realize it was THIS bad.)

Vegetable shortening helps sooth diaper rash.

Table salt can be worked into grease stains to help remove them before washing.

Soak an ink-stained shirt in milk to loosen the stain.

Sprinkle cornstarch on a tangled shoelace to help untie them.

Here are my two favorites:

Use a piece of bread to pick up broken glass off the floor and to clean fingerprints off the wall. (It’s probably the only good reason to have Wonderbread in the house.)

Rub butter on a tangled necklace and then use a sewing needle to work out the knots. (Add a bit of chopped garlic and rub off the butter with French bread and you’ve got a nice snack!)


Emiline said...

These tips are pretty nifty. I'm going to try smearing bread all over the walls. Hope the parents don't mind.

I have another food tip for you:
Try mixing all kinds of flavored soda into your brownies. It makes them so moist. I like to use Fresca.

Sue said...

Don't blame me, Em, when they kick you out.

I swear I thought you were serious for a second about the soda. Didn't Giada put soda in her brownie MIX?

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

At Weight Watchers they tell you to mix Diet Coke with chocolate cake mix for a reduced fat and calorie cake. I never tried it.

I have a couple of recipes for Coca Cola cake of the full-fat and sugar variety, but I've never made it.

Sue said...

I definitely think you should keep it that way.