Friday, December 14, 2007

Triple The Fun

I'm so mad that I only saw this recipe on Good Morning America, after I had already baked for my friend M's cookie exchange. (More about my cookies another time.) They would have been a quick and easy additional contribution. Sara Moulton made these triple thumbprint cookies, called Trios.

Basically, Trios are three little balls of dough wedged next to each other to make kind of a triangle. You flatten them slightly with the back a wooden spoon and then use the handle (or your thumb) to make a depression. You can put a different jam in each hole, which I think is a brilliant idea. They don't have a picture of these particular cookies in the story, but they look like little jewels.


Emiline said...

I miss Sara Moulton. She's off the network, but half of the recipes on, are hers.

Sue said...

Hi Em,
Yup, she was the real workhorse of the network along with Emeril, back in its glory days.