Friday, December 14, 2007

Tasty AND Tasteful

A cookie exchange isn't usually the most sophisticated of events. But leave it my friend, M, to throw THAT notion to the wind. Hers was elegance personified...from the beautifully decorated Christmas TREES to excellent champagne (Veuve Clicquot, my favorite) to her toile tablecloth, which went with the éclat and the élan of the afternoon perfectly.

The snacks weren't too shabby either. The Contessa's Onion Dip with purple chips was served. (Don't tell Ina that M cut down on the oil in the dip. You would have too...) There was a gigantic crab dip, yummy cheese (Boursin?) with red pepper jelly and beautiful roast beef with a superb horseradish sauce. EVEN the paper plates upon which to load the cookies were stylish.

You know what they say, either you have or you don't...and if you don't, you can always hope for an invitation to M's house.


Anonymous said...

M sounds amazing!

Emiline said...

I want to do a cookie exchange, but I don't want to organize it. I want someone to invite me.

What did you make?

I want to make some of those crackled chocolate cookies...what are they called? Snowtops? They're in the picture.

Sue said...

Hi Anon,
She IS!

I can't decide if people would want you to come, because your cookies would be so much better than everyone else's, or if they WOULDN'T want you to come, because of the same reason.

Just say to 15 of your nearest and dearest, come over and bring a couple dozen cookies and we'll exchange them. Have some grub and brew and that's it...

Those chocolate ones WERE good! The funny thing is sometimes the prettiest aren't really the best tasting. I'm not saying mine were the prettiest (ok, maybe they were), but there were some darn good TASTING cookies on that table, MUCH BETTER than mine.

I'm scoring my post about them now, so you just have to wait a little bit longer.