Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Will Open No Gift Ahead Of Its Time...Unless I Already Have It

I consider myself really lucky. I have been in possession of some of the hottest gifts of the holiday season (according to today's New York Times) for weeks ahead of Christmas, and in some cases, MONTHS. Ok, they didn't actually say "Hottest". These were items that were part of their feature on "Tasteful Giving", but I think they're hot.

You won't believe what one of them was! It was Nutmeg Girl!!! I had my hot little hands on her WEEKS before this story, thanks to the kindness of A.

The Times' source is a website called, which has all kind of whimsical knickknacks and some very useful items as well. There are really cute peppermills, which sort of look like modern and ethnically diverse versions of babushka dolls.

I've never seen chopsticks like these. One end is pointed to use as normal, the other end has 2 short prongs to spear stuff. My chopstick-impaired son could use these. AND they have two dots for eyes right below the prongs, so they look kind of squid-like. Cool.

Also mentioned in The Times was something I got months ago (naa-na-na-naa-na). It was this mandarin olive oil from Oliviers & Co. There are different flavors. The orange is superb for drizzling on risotto or seafood or salad or really anything that could use a zesty orange taste.

Not on the Times list, but one of my favorites, is a site called Some things are pricey, but there's a lot of nifty modern design here and it's fun to look at. I have this olive dish, which I thought would lead to much game-playing amidst olive-eating. Not so much, but it's still an attractive way to present olives, or nuts, or small chocolate-covered anythings.

Happy Hunting!


Emiline said...

Oooh, cool gifts. I want a nutmeg girl!
Those are going to be flying off the shelves.
The olive oil looks good, too.

Sue said...

Hi Em,
YOUR list:
is far more complete. I was just giving myself a pat on the back for already having some of these cool things. And they would make great gifts to give or receive.